Debt Reduction Services is a non profit “full service” debt management and credit counseling service organization that has helped thousands of consumers since our inception in 1996. Our goal at Debt Reduction Services is to significantly improve the financial well-being of our clients, and assist them in achieving a better overall quality of life through credit counseling, debt management and credit and debt education programs.

debt-reduction-services-who-are-we-2Our services include free budget and credit counseling, low cost debt management programs, and free community wide educational programs as a part of a complete and sound financial outcome for our clients.

Debt Reduction Services is committed to educating the general public, and in particular each of our clients, in order to help people learn to live a debt free life. Our intention is to offer the highest quality of instruction and credit counseling, and in those instances where applicable, couple that instruction and counseling with our debt management programs, also known as debt consolidation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote financial responsibility in our clients and community members nationwide. We accomplish this through educational programs, counseling, and personalized services. We thus empower individuals to develop and use positive budgeting skills and effective spending behaviors, to use credit wisely, and to prevent, manage, and eliminate consumer debt.

Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Debt Reduction Services operates 4 locations in 4 states. We serve clients through most of the United States. See More Locations


Debt Reduction Services is certified compliant by BVQi NA,Inc. to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Standard in order to ensure the highest level of quality service to our clients. Our credit counselors are certified through an independent credentialing body recognized by the debt management industry and individual state regulators and creditors.

Debt Reduction Services is also an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Financial Counseling Association of America. FCAA is a national membership organization, established to promote quality and consistent delivery of Credit Counseling Services.

Debt Reduction Services is fast approaching our twentieth anniversary in 2016!  It’s hard to believe, but we have been helping people to learn the tools necessary for getting and staying out of debt for the better part of two decades.

Of course, besides our multitude of educational avenues, we offer our debt management plans (dmps) for qualified candidates:  repayment plans that enable our clients to pay off their unsecured debt often with the benefit of reduced interest, and eliminated late and over limit fees.  I am proud to say over the years we have helped thousands of clients get out from underneath the cumbersome burden of debt.

For those clients where bankruptcy is a better solution, we offer bankruptcy counseling, which is required to complete the bankruptcy process.  We offer both the pre and post counseling via the convenience of the Internet – no office visits are necessary.

Now, I am pleased to announce that we offer Student Loan counseling, also via phone and Internet.  There is a great demand for this particular service, and our trained and skilled counselors are ready to assist those in need with selecting the right student loan assistance program.

We have developed this array of services to help those folks in financial distress, and we are proud of our accomplishments.  Now, we look forward to the next twenty years!

joe-cestaroJoe Cestaro


Debt Reduction Services