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There are many online resources and websites that can help you teach you children finances.

Where to Turn For Support in Teaching Your Children Finances

Do you have children who don’t yet understand the value of money, a child who needs help managing their allowance, maybe a pre-teen who wants to start earning outside the home, or a teenager who feels ready to be more independent?

Here you’ll find a collection of links provided by www.usa.gov that are focused on teaching America’s youth everything from the history of money and how it is made, to how to invest it and save. Visit the main site to search lessons, games, and videos by age and topic and help your child on the path to becoming financially fit.

Government Sites

 Basics of Treasury Securities – (Bureau of the Public Debt) – To better understand debt, first learn about the many different forms it takes.

 Coin News – H.I.P. Pocket Change – (U.S. Mint) – Keep in touch with United States Mint happenings including Coin of the Month and the Making Cents e-newsletter. Discover current and future coin programs, including commemorative coins, presidential $1 coins and more. Learn how to set up a collection, share your hobby, and find activities and games.

The U.S. Currency Education program – (Department of the Treasury) – Introduces you to the lifecycle of money and offers other fun facts and videos.

 FDIC Learning Bank – (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) – This site tells you the who, what, when, where and why about this agency – with a little help from Carmen Cents!

 History of the U.S. Mint – How have the United States Mint and its coins changed over the years? Find out here!

 Minting Process Revealed – H.I.P. Pocket Change – (U.S. Mint) – A guide through the production steps that turn a sheet of metal into a bag of coins.

 Treasury Direct Kids – (Bureau of Public Debt) – It takes a lot of money to keep the U.S. Government running and a good deal of it is borrowed money. The Bureau of Public Debt’s job is to borrow the money needed to operate the federal government and account for that debt. Learn more about the B.P.D. through videos and games.

 What is Debt? – TreasuryDirect Kids – (Bureau of the Public Debt) – Help children understand debt by learning the definition and who it affects as well as explore money further with games.

 You Are Here – (Federal Trade Commission) – Take an animated tour through a mall to see how to think like a consumer and how advertising influences your decisions.

Other Resources

Kids Learning on Computers BrainPOP – Social Studies – BrainPOP’s has animated movies created to explain the world around us in an engaging way. There are FREE movies about banking, credit cards, and debt.

 Cash, Check or Credit? – TheMint.org – This page covers the transition from cash to credit cards and features a fun quiz on spending habits.

 Credit Card Facts – TheMint.org – Get to know more about credit cards – their advantages and disadvantages – before you use them.

 Economy for Kids – Scholastic – The Economy for Kids Special Report collects resources and articles to help kids make sense of the economy, how it works, and what makes it such a vital part of our lives.

 Federal Reserve Bank – Student Activities – All kinds of resources to teach older kids about money.

 History of Money – Learn about money, from bartering to electronic money and everything in between.

 Kid’s Economic Glossary – Scholastic – A glossary of economic terms to help you better understand the economic and the current economic crisis.

 Wise Pockets Clubhouse for Kids – Wise Pockets teaches you about earning, saving and spending. Meet new friends, read stories and do some fun activities!

 Young Americans – For Kids – Are your kids ready to be money smart? If your kids like money and want to learn how to earn it, manage it and spend it wisely, this is the site for you. There are lots of classes, camps, and activities that will get you started and keep you going!

These free resources will provide your kids with plenty of essential financial information, set them on the path to being money smart, and give them a head start on saving.

Do You Have Suggestions for Resources That Teach Children About Finances?

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