Letter from the President

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Debt Reduction Services Inc, our non-profit organization that has been serving the public since 1996. We are happy you have chosen us to help you get out of debt. We will do everything possible to guide you smoothly through the entire process.

Like any goal worth achieving, getting out of debt will require some effort and discipline. Yes, you are giving up your credit cards, but think of the relief of

not facing those mounting bills and interest charges each month. Like many before you, you will succeed by living within your means rather than relying on credit cards to get by. If you follow our debt management program, your debt will be paid off within 5 years-without a bankruptcy or settlement program that can ruin your credit. Remember, if a problem arises, or you need some budgeting assistance, help is just a phone call away. Good luck and thank you for participating in our accelerated repayment plan!

Joseph T. Cestaro


About Debt Reduction Services

Debt Reduction Services Inc is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping our clients and the general public learn to manage their debts and achieve financial stability. A few of the services we provide include financial education courses, budget planning, and Accelerated Repayment Plans (ARP’s).

Our mission is to promote financial responsibility in our clients and community members nationwide. We accomplish this through educational programs, counseling, and personalized services. We thus empower individuals to develop and use positive budgeting skills and effective spending behaviors, to use credit wisely, and to prevent, manage, and eliminate consumer debt.

We promise to provide quality counseling, quality customer service, and will address all questions and concerns in a timely manner. This is a partnership; communication between us is vital to your success and we are committed to supporting you throughout your time on the program.

The Enrollment Process:

Now that you have decided to enroll in our ARP and have submitted your enrollment forms to your Certified Financial Counselor, your account files will be given to our Client Services Department. Client Services will be contacting you to request any missing information and will discuss our process of working a file. Processing your file consists of:

  • Contacting creditors for updated balances
  • Estimating your monthly payment
  • Sending proposals to your creditors

Your Responsibilities:

Keep in mind that this is a partnership. We will need your assistance and involvement throughout your time on the ARP program. We ask you to:

Important Payment Information & Payment Policies

To ensure continued creditor participation in your Accelerated Repayment Program payments must be received on time every month. NOTE: a missed or late payment may result in one or more of your creditors reversing the benefits received on the program.

Forms of acceptable payment methods:

ACH – Automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account

This is the most convenient payment method for you, and is preferred by DRS.

Money Order or Cashiers Check

If you have chosen this method, you must clearly print your name, client number, and address on your payment to ensure proper posting to your account. If you mail your payment, please send in advance of your due date to ensure on time receipt and disbursal to your creditors.

Payment Policies

No Personal Checks will be accepted as payment. Personal checks will be returned and may delay payment to creditors.

ACH Changes: You must notify DRS in WRITING FIVE (5) BUSINESS DAYS prior to your withdrawal date. This allows time for processing.

ACH Rejections: You may be charged a $15.00 fee for any ACH rejection pursuant to your state guidelines. Replacement payments can be made by Money Order via mail or at your local office.


Financial Education

Courses and Educational Resources Promoting Personal Financial Responsibility and Stability

The National Financial Education Center at Debt Reduction Services Inc. develops, designs, publishes and facilitates various financial education programs that address personal finance topics appropriate at differing stages of life. All of these educational programs, materials, and courses are made available free of charge.

Here are just a few:

  • Webinars and Classroom Workshops with corresponding Certificates of Completion available
  • Online Calculators, Brochures, and Worksheets
  • Education-based Website, “Day 2 Day” Blog, Twitter, and Facebook accounts
  • Seminars on DVD-ROM
  • Monthly eTips (practical financial suggestions by email)
  • Assistance with free credit report
  • And much more…

We make our financial educators available to community organizations that desire to host one or more of our workshops and seminars in their own offices. Courses are also facilitated regularly in each of our offices. 


Contact Information:

Tel (888) 377-8585
Fax (877) 877-1143
Blog …………. Day2DayMoney.wordpress.com
Facebook …. MoneyDay2Day
Twitter ……… MoneyDay2Day

[email protected] www.NationalFinancialEducationCenter.org

National Headquarters:
6213 N Cloverdale Rd Ste 100
Boise ID 83713


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can my monthly payment change from the original quote my Counselor gave me? 

A: The payment amount given during your consultation is an estimate based upon the creditor balances we received at that time. Payments, in most cases, are a percentage of the balance. While working your file, we contact your creditors to obtain the most current balance available. This can include additional fees or finance charges added to your account by the creditor. If the balance has increased, so will the payment.

Q: Can I make payments to my creditors outside of the program?

A: After your accounts are accepted onto the ARP we request any additional payments to your creditors be made directly through DRS. Payments creditors receive directly from you may be interpreted as an act of leaving the ARP and may result in increased interest rates and fees. All payments must be made through DRS (at no charge) to eliminate this confusion.

Q: Am I able to pay more than my minimum payment?

A: You may pay extra on your account at any time. Extra payments will go towards principle and reduce your time on the program. Extra payments must be made through DRS in the form of a money order or cashiers check.

Q: Can I change or lower my payment?

A: The ARP is designed to repay your debt in 60 months. Lowering the payment will lengthen your time on the program and can prevent you from meeting this requirement. If a hardship occurs please contact your office for additional counsel.

Q: What should I do if I am unable to make my payment on time?

A: If you are unable to make your payment by the selected due date you must notify us immediately. This can jeopardize the arrangement we have in place with your creditors.

Q: Will the ARP affect my credit?

A: Enrollment in an ARP is not factored into your credit score. Some of the information credit reporting bureaus consider when determining your credit score include but are not limited to: on time payments, open or closing accounts, debt-to-credit limit ratio. For a more detailed explanation please go to www.ftc.gov/bcp/workshops/infoflows/present/fike.pdf

Q: Can I continue to use my credit cards?

A: You will not be able to utilize your cards enrolled in the ARP and all accounts must be closed to further charging. Some creditors may allow one credit card account to be left off the program.

Q: Can I apply for more unsecured debt (credit cards)?

A: No new unsecured accounts may be obtained during your participation in the ARP. The purpose of the ARP is to aid you in becoming debt free. Please contact your office for options about secured loans you are considering.

Q: Why do I need to change my due dates?

A: You will need to contact your creditors to change the due date on your accounts to coincide with your selected due date with DRS. This will help ensure payments will post to your account without penalty. Creditors do not allow DRS to request due date changes.

Q: Can I add more accounts to my program?

A: Yes, you may add unsecured debt at any time. Please contact our office for details.

Q: Why are my creditors calling me?

A: You may receive calls from your creditors until they have received your first ARP payment. We encourage you to take these calls and notify our office of any important information.

Q: Will I receive a monthly statement for payment verification?

A: You have access to view your account anytime online via our website. We ask you to view your creditor statements every month and notify us of any issues or concerns. Statements are not mailed unless required.