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Here are some easy to use tips to help you keep cool this summer!

keeping cool in summerHot weather is coming and there is nothing you can do about it unless you move to northern Alaska. What you can do is make some changes to your home so you can have it made in the shade! With these tips, you will be able to keep your home cool and not lose your shirt to high energy prices.

Make yourself cool

A cool shower or dip in the pool will not only keep your home from warming up from extra heat, it will help you cool down! Have a tasty iced drink to refresh and get chilled. Choose your attire to be cooler. Are you worried about being in fashion? Saving money is always fashionable!

Blinded by the light

Keep your blinds closed so the warming (and blinding) light from the sun won’t heat the room as much. As much as 30% of heat can be reduced by just closing the blinds. South and west facing windows are the biggest potential contributors of heat from the sun. There are curtains that may help keep the heat out as well.

Optimize Your Air Flow

Don’t allow your cool air to just walk right out the front door. Check the weather sealing and close off rooms so the cool air doesn’t escape during the day. Alternatively, open your home up at night and invite the cooler air into your home.

Be a fan of fans

Use your fans in your home to move air around and get a breeze going. Moving air will feel cooler without the expense of the air conditioning running. Also be sure to use kitchen fans and bathroom fans to get unwanted heat from your home when cooking or taking a hot shower. Maybe consider taking a cool shower to keep your home cool or maybe:

Summer Barbecue

Hot weather and grilled food seem to go hand in hand. When it’s hot outside, why heat the house with kitchen cooking? Go outside and use the grill to avoid heating your home. It tastes better anyway!


Back to light and heat. If you’re using incandescent lights (the regular bulbs we grew up with) you are not only costing yourself extra electric charges, you’re heating your home too! Those bulbs get hot and that heat adds to the temperature of your home like little heaters. Make the change to CFL, fluorescent or LED lights. You will lower your cooling costs and the cost to light the room!

Be tropical

Do not set your air conditioner so low that it is working all day long to keep your home cool. 78 degrees is the recommended temperature to have your home while you’re in it. Every degree above 78 may save you 6 to 8 percent from your energy bill. Try to keep consistent with your temperature to get used to the setting you choose. An ultimate goal is to try to keep your AC from coming on at 88 degrees Fahrenheit (yes 88, you can do it!) or below. Of course, if you have health concerns please follow your doctor’s advice.

Home improvement

Does your home have a draft or two that is keeping it from being energy efficient? Check your local electric company for energy audits and programs. Summer heat puts a strain on the electric grid so power companies have resources in place to assist customer save energy. Saving energy means you have a lower bill! If there are no programs where you live, you can find auditors to come to your home to inspect it and make recommendations to help it be cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Hopefully, these tips will keep you from sweating the energy bill! Enjoy the season and have fun in the sun.

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