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A Day to ShareHosting Thanksgiving While on a Budget!

You just received some wonderful news! It’s your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner and show of your tasty cooking that your family is sure to love. It’ll take some hard work but you can pull it off! There’s just one issue, your finances are a bit off and you’d really like to avoid spending too much. Here are a few ideas to help you keep your Thanksgiving get-together affordable and less stressful.

Go Potluck with Dishes – Many guests will typically ask if there is a particular dish they can bring. Why not let them and avoid tackling all of the fixings on your own. If Aunt Rose makes a great green bean casserole let her! Not only does this help keep your expenses and stress levels down it will also be a sure-fire way to add variety and tastiness to your meal. Also, if a meal isn’t so great just think of all of the conversation potential that can come of it and the fact that it increases the odds your cooking will be less under the microscope!

Reuse or Make Your Own Decorations – If your a veteran at this then chances are you have many years of holiday decor just waiting to be used. If you don’t have decorations you can avoid spending more than you would like by creating your own. Not only will this add a unique personal touch to your hosted Thanksgiving dinner it can also be a fun way for you to release your creativity! If you have children at home they can help out as well making this a fun activity for the family to participate in!

Make a Shopping List and Stick to it! – Nothing can break the budget quicker than not creating a spending game-plan, or simply put a list!  Your shopping experience will be less stressful and feel more organized! Speaking of organized there are a number of good shopping list apps for download from Google Play or I-Tunes, you can take this time to put one on your phone or tablet and give it a try.

Feel free to share your money savings tips in the comments below and remember that you don’t have to break the bank to show you care.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

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