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Try these hacks to save money this ThanksgivingHosting Thanksgiving While on a Budget!

You just received some wonderful news! It’s your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner and show off your tasty cooking that your family is sure to love. It’ll take some hard work but you can pull it off! There’s just one issue: money. You’d really like to avoid spending too much. Here are a few ideas to help you keep your Thanksgiving get-together affordable and less stressful.

Go Potluck with Dishes – Many guests will typically ask if there is a particular dish they can bring. Why not let them and avoid tackling all of the fixings on your own. If Aunt Rose makes a great green bean casserole let her! Not only does this help keep your expenses and stress levels down it will also be a sure-fire way to add variety and tastiness to your meal. Plus with the mix of cooking styles and preferences, your efforts will be less under the microscope. While every host hopes that everything turns out perfectly, take comfort in knowing that if the meal isn’t a raving success, your family will be grateful enough just having some quality time together.

Use Real Table Settings – After working yourself tired in the kitchen cooking, the last thing you want to do is wash dishes. However, the savings of foregoing paper or plastic ware is hard to overlook. With a big family, it could add up to $15 or more. Make this a breeze by asking a husband or child (someone less involved in meal preparation) to empty the dishwasher so dishes can go right in.

You can cut yourself a break and only buy paper or plastic products for pie. If you don’t have enough ceramic ware for everyone, consider asking one other family member to contribute to their dishes as well. You can load the guest’s dishes into the washer first and have them ready to go by the time the afternoon football game ends.

You can save money on Thanksgiving decorations by using what you already have

Reuse or Make Your Own Decorations – If you’re a veteran at this then chances are you have many years of holiday decor just waiting to be used. If you don’t have decorations, you can avoid spending more than you would like by creating your own.

You can choose some inexpensive craft supplies or you can head out for a walk to gather iconically fall elements. Think acorns, pinecones, red berries, or plant clippings. Throw in some fall colored everyday decor such as red plates, neutral tablecloths, and white or orange candles and you’ll have everything you’ll need!

Not only will this add a unique personal touch to your hosted Thanksgiving dinner it can also be a fun way for you to release your creativity! If you have children at home they can help out as well making this a fun activity for the family to participate in!

Make a Simple Shopping List and Stick to it! – Nothing can break the budget quicker than not creating a spending game-plan, or simply put a list!  Your shopping experience will be less stressful and feel more organized! Speaking of organized there are a number of good shopping list apps for download from Google Play or I-Tunes, you can take this time to put one on your phone or tablet and give it a try.

Once your list is assembled, carefully consider the cost and time investment of each item. Adding a store-bought sparkling cider may be more budget-friendly and take less time than concocting your own specialty punch. The key is to keep things simple including your plan and the menu.

If necessary, trim more expensive dishes out, and hold tight to your filling starches like rolls and potatoes. You know your guests best. What menu items are they looking forward to most? Focus on those and guests are sure to be full and happy by the end of the meal.

Remember that you don’t have to break the bank to show you care.

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Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

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