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Student Debt Stories Highlight Personal Financial Struggle

student graduationThe numbers are staggering and while the personal impact of high student loan debt varies from one individual to another. The simple fact remains that on average students are leaving school in more debt than ever. While new federal programs aim to help borrowers find relief in various forms such as forgiveness, consolidation or income based repayment terms, the concern about the overall amount of debt students leave school with still remains.

The goal of continuing education for many is to enhance their knowledge in areas they feel will help enrich themselves both personally and financially through their career progression. Many former students are finding the balance between their income and the repayment of their student loans at an unfavorable ratio.

Perhaps their career track isn’t providing the income they originally planned for, maybe life events have temporarily derailed their future income earning plans. There are many faces to the student loan borrower facing economic hardship and unfortunately the number of individuals needing relief has grown at an escalated pace, especially in the last decade.

Reddit is full of personal stories of student who are struggling to make ends meet. Each one unique to the person writing the post and quite telling of their current plight.

Warning: There may be some adult language in the comments however these stories may be like your own and shed light on the personal impact of high student loan debt:

Student Loan Debt is Killing Me

Parents are in $120,000 in Parent Plus Student Loans

25 Female with $81,000 Student Loan Debt

While the solution to every individuals problem may be different the common theme is they’ve all sought opinions and outside assistance. There are federal programs aimed at helping survive financial hardships. Navigating these programs and understand the options available can be daunting and it may be beneficial to seek help from an expert in the student loan counseling field.

At Debt Reduction Services, a non profit credit and debt management organization, the call and consultation are free and the advice and direction given can be a great asset to any student desiring to find potential solutions to their student loan debt.

Debt Reduction Services is not an affiliate of the U.S. Department of Education and the services provided can be researched and implemented by the borrower. Consultations with a Certified Credit Counselor are always free and there is a full 100% money back guarantee should you choose to have Debt Reduction Services assist with document preparation in the event you ultimately do not qualify for the repayment program applied for.

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