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Ah, springtime. Skies turn crystal clear, rain showers freshen the air, and flowers bloom. Most usher in the season with the warmest welcome. Then, uninvited guests squeeze in by the names of Spring Cleaning and Tax Season.

You’re probably considering crawling back under your winter comforter and hibernating until it’s over. I mean household chores and finances, what could be more fun? However, you’ll end up buckling down and investing in the processes because you know there are great rewards coming.

Finance author Gail Vaz-Oxlade accurately suggests, “We feel so good when our homes are bright and shiny. Put a little elbow grease into your money and it’ll glisten, too.” You probably have your cleaning list covered, so here are few tips to tidy up your finances. Share if you agree and comment if you have more helpful Spring Cleaning suggestions.

Spring Cleaning Your Wallet

Here’s a Lighter Look at Spring Cleaning Your Finances. Enjoy!

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  1. Scott W Johnson

    Love the Info graphic! Scary Statistics. Saving can make you a millionaire faster than you know.

  2. RJ Williams

    Great reminder! The beginning of the year is a great time to set financial goals and to clean up and make the bill payment process smoother. I think, now that I run a very organized home office, that my financial picture is better than it’s ever been. Nice tip!

    • Rick Munster

      Thanks for the comment RJ! Sounds like taking the “spring cleaning” approach to your finances has paid off!

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