“As part of our commitment to your professional and personal success, we are pleased to offer an employee financial wellness program at no-cost to you, our respected and valued employee!”

So, if you have ever…

  • been stressed by your personal finances,
  • lost sleep due to concerns about household debts,
  • worried about getting collection calls during work hours, cutting into your focus and productivity,
  • wondered how you will ever build (or rebuild) your credit in order to buy a home some day,
  • felt like you are treading water when it comes to what you want to do financially with your life,
  • been overwhelmed by the amount of student loan debt you have or by the complexity of the various repayment plans available to you…

…then we are doubly thrilled to offer this program to you.

Our new financial wellness program enhances the Employee Assistance Program we already have by addressing any or all of these concerns. This program features

  • free budget counseling
  • free credit report reviews
  • free student loan repayment plan evaluations
  • free record and live financial lunch ‘n’ learn workshops on topics you identify as the most important and relevant

Select the links below to learn more details about each program:

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Credit Report Reviews →

Student Loan Repayment Evaluation →

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