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Select a link below to access our many free, pre-recorded webinars, available 24/7, on critical money management subjects such as household budgeting, developing effective spending behaviors, preventing and eliminating excessive consumer debt, using credit wisely, creating savings plans and more. We have several series of webinars to choose from. Upon completion of each webinar from a series, we can email you a Certificate of Achievement in PDF format to recognize your efforts. When completing the corresponding quiz for each webinar, you may indicate which series certificate you need, if any.

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Financially Empowered Series Real Solutions Series Everyday Money Series
Financially Empowered Series Topic Quiz Handouts Resources
Young and Financially Empowered Young and Financially Empowered: Financial Lessons for Those in Their 20s – 44 minutes Lesson 1-Quiz Lesson 1-Handouts Slideshow (PowerPoint)
Slideshow Notes (PDF)
Teachers Guide (PDF)
Golden and Financially Empowered Golden and Financially Empowered: Financial Lessons for Seniors – 59 minutes Lesson 2-Quiz Lesson 2-Handouts Slideshow (PowerPoint)
Slideshow Notes (PDF)
Teacher Guide (PDF)
Financially Empowered Empty Nesters Financial Lessons for Those in their 40s and 50s with No More Children at Home – 47 minutes Lesson 3-Quiz Lesson 3-Handouts Slideshow (PowerPoint)
Slideshow Notes (PDF)
Teacher Guide (PDF)
Financial Lessons and Guidance for New Parents – 32 minutes Lesson 4-Quiz Lesson 4-Handouts Slideshow (PowerPoint)
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Teacher Guide (PDF)
Real Solutions Series Topic Quiz Handouts
Real Solutions-Budgeting Roadmap to Financial Stability: Personal and Household Spending Plans
(Budgeting) – 65 minutes
Budgeting Quiz Budgeting Handout
Real Solutions-Spending by Color Spending by Color: Developing Effective Spending Behaviors – 67 minutes Spending Quiz Spending Handout
Real Solutions-Credit Credit and the Interest Insomniac: Using Credit Wisely – 64 minutes Credit Quiz Credit Handout
Real Solutions-Project DEBT-o-nation Project DEBT-o-nation: Preventing and Eliminating Excessive Consumer Debt – 58 minutes Debt Quiz Debt Handout
Everyday Money Series Topic Quiz Handouts
Everyday Money for Everyday People Webinar - Financial Vision 1. Defining Our Financial Vision
Establishing our vision and corresponding goals for what we want our future to be like. – 27 minutes
Financial Vision Quiz Lesson-1-Defining Your Financial Vision
Everyday Money-Budgeting-Play 2. Turning Our Budget from Foe to Frenemy
You don’t have to like your budget, but you can appreciate it. This workshop provides you with foundational information required to turn your spending plan from a downer to a supportive partner that will help you get what you want out of life. – 40 minutes
Budgeting Frenemy Quiz Lesson-2-Budget-Foe or Frenemy
Everyday Money-Spending-Play 3. Credit or Debit or Cash? Oh My!
A great conversation about when to use each purchasing method and when each should be avoided. – 52 minutes
Spending Methods Quiz Lesson-3-Credit or Debit or Cash
Everyday Money-Building Credit 4. Building Credit
While taking a self-evaluation on your understanding of our credit system, you’ll learn the true value and impact of good credit and how to build (or rebuild) it for a better financial foundation. – 57 minutes
Building Credit Quiz Lesson-4-Credit Building
Everyday Money-Dealing with Debt 5. Dealing with Debt
Through an informative self-evaluation, you’ll learn the truths about questions many always wonder about, including the real costs of credit card and student loan debt, what’s involved in debt settlement, debt management and filing for bankruptcy, and how to accelerate debt repayment as painlessly as possible. – 50 minutes
Dealing with Debt Quiz Lesson-5-Dealing with Debt
Everyday Money-Savings-Play 6. Simplified Savings Strategies
The NUMBER ONE financial problem in most American households? no savings account to speak of. A habit of saving is also the best indicator of future financial stability. – 27 minutes
Savings Quiz Lesson-6-Savings Strategies
Everyday Money-Dollar Dumps 7. Dollar Dumps & Spending Barriers
Discover your own dollar dumps and ways to prevent leaks in your wallet from becoming bank-draining gushers. – 32 minutes
Dollar Dumps Quiz Lesson-7-Dollar Dumps
Money and Family Relationships 8. Money Spouse Child
Money management is hard enough on your own. Throw in another adult and a few kids, and it seems impossible. Learn in this workshop how to work WITH rather than AGAINST family members to build positive financial habits and progress together toward shared goals. – 44 minutes
Money Spouse Child Quiz Lesson-8-Money Spouse Child
 Supplemental Topics for this Series
 Everyday Money-From I Owe U From I-owe-U to I-owe-Nobody: Preventing, Minimizing and Eliminating Student Loan Debt. – 42 minutes Student Loan Quiz Student Loan Handout
 Everyday Money-Surviving Unemployment Surviving Unemployment: Minimizing the Financial Impact of Being Unemployed. – 43 minutes Surviving Unemployment Quiz Handout – Coming Soon

Webinarios en español

Seleccione uno de los webinarios siguientes, gratuitos pregrabados y disponibles 24/7, para obtener mas información acerca de temas financieros importantes como el presupuesto hogareño, el desarrollo de comportamientos eficaces de gastar, la eliminación de la deuda excesiva del consumidor, y el uso sabio del crédito del consumidor. Al terminar los cuatro webinarios, usted recibirá un certificado por correo electrónico para reconocer su logro.

Título del Webinario Tema Examen Materiales

2a parte (Streaming o Youtube)

3a parte (Streaming o Youtube)

El Presupuesto Personal y del Hogar

1a Parte – 20 minutos

2a Parte –

3a Parte –

Próximamente Próximamente
Gastando a Color (presione aquí – PowerPoint) Por qué Escogemos Gastar en Nuestras Propias Maneras Extravagantes Próximamente  Próximamente
El Crédito y el Interés Insomne (presione aquí – PowerPoint) Usando el Crédito con Prudencia Próximamente Próximamente
DEUDA-detonación (presione aquí – PowerPoint) Finanzas Hogareñas para Vivir Libre de Deuda Próximamente Próximamente