Financial Education PresentationFree Financial Education Courses

Debt Reduction Services makes available several workshops and webinars on a variety of personal finance topics at no cost. The following webinars are available 24/7 for you to download. You may also request a copy of our CD-ROM containing these seminars.

  1. Personal and Household Budgeting
  2. Developing Effective Spending Habits
  3. Using Credit Wisely
  4. Preventing and Eliminating Debt


Financial Education ClassesDebt Reduction Services also facilitates these and many other personal finance classes in all of our offices as well as on site at businesses, non-profit agencies, school classrooms, churches, prisons, and anywhere else that would host our visit. We do not charge a speaking fee and only ask for travel reimbursement for overnight stays and trips over 100 miles from our office.

If you belong to an organization, club or group that might be interested in hosting one of our seminars, please click here to request more information on bringing in a guest speaker.

Other possible workshop titles include the following:

  • Budgeting
    • Charting Your Own Financial Roadmap: High School Students and Money
    • Money Pie: The Easiest and Tastiest Budgeting and Saving System Ever
    • Roadmap to Financial Stability: Personal and Household Budgeting*
    • Turning Your Budget from Foe to Frenemy*
    • Who Wants to Live Like a Millionaire? Why It’s Easier than You Think
  • College Students
    • From IoU to I Owe Nobody: College Students and Their Money*
    • It Was the Best of Credit, It Was the Worst of Credit: College Students and Money Management
  • Credit
    • Building or Rebuilding Credit*
    • Credit and the Entrepreneur: Using Credit Wisely
    • Credit and the Interest Insomniac: Using Credit Wisely*
    • Credit Cards, Reports and Score… Oh My! Building Credit Wisely
    • Dangerous Decrees: Divorce and Credit
    • Gender of Credit: What’s at Stake for Women in Cultivating Good Credit
  • Debt Elimination
    • 3 Dangerous Decisions that Will Keep You in Debt For – ev – er
    • Dealing with Consumer Debt*
    • Financial Life Preservers: Alternatives to Drowning in Debt
    • Painful Finances: The Expensive, Outrageous and the Unconsciounable Side of Payday Loans
    • Project DEBT-onation: Preventing and Eliminating Consumer Debt*
  • Financial Goals & Visions
    • Defining Your Financial Vision*
    • Things We Didn’t Know We Already Knew: Financial Principles for Life
  • Parenting and Families
    • For Richer or for Poorer… but Hopefully for Richer: Newlywed Finances
    • Money, Spouse, Child
    • Raising a Financial Responsible Generation: Skills for Parents and Grandparents
  • Savings
    • Saving (for) Our Financial Future: Achieving What’s Important
    • Simplified Savings Systems
  • Seniors
    • Keeping Your Credit Golden: Credit and Retirement
  • Spending
    • Credit or Debit or Cash, Oh My! Personalizing Your Spending Methods*
    • Dollar Dumps and Spending Barriers
    • Just Say “No”… to Spending: Developing Effective Spending Habits
    • Spending by Color: Why We Spend in our Own Unique Ways*
    • Your Money and Your Car: The Costs and Options of Buying and Owning a Vehicle
  • Special Topics
    • Fighting for Our Financial Livers: Surviving Medical Bills
    • Generosity First: Where Your Money Meets Your Values
    • Ho Ho Horrible Debt: Holiday Spending and Credit Cards
    • Home Ownership: Purchasing the Right Home for You and Your Budget
    • Horrible Holiday Debt: Gift Giving on a College Student Budget
    • ID Spy: 9 Keys to Protecting Your Identity
    • Moving On: New Home, New Life, New Finances
    • Putting Your Post-Holiday Finances in Order
    • Surviving Unemployment*
    • You’re Not Alone After All: Money and Widows and Widowers

*Available as a free, no registration required webinar 24/7. Click Here

Contact us today to learn where you can attend or schedule a guest speaker for one of these personal finance workshops.