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Don't break the bank this Mother's day with these tips

Tips on making this Mother’s Day special without breaking the bank!

Mother’s Day is a great time to reward and acknowledge the women in our lives for all of the many wonderful things they’ve done and continue to do for us and our families. One of the values we learn at an early age is that some of the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. The gifts that don’t necessarily cost the most dollars but show that we care enough to spend time can really make Mom feel loved and appreciated!

Here are some ideas that won’t take a lot of money to do but will show your Mom how much you care:

Cook your mother’s favorite meal

You can surprise your Mom with breakfast in bed, even as an adult if you’d like or make her favorite lunch or dinner. Not the greatest cook? That’s okay because the act of cooking a meal for Mom that you two can share will mean much more than the actual food itself!

Spend the day together

You don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant or expensive movie to have a great time together. The simple fact that you are spending time with her will mean so much! Spending some one on one time sitting on a park bench together or a drive out in the country to a place she likes to visit could create some great memories. If you’re too far away then get Mom on the phone or Skype with her and make sure to spend that time catching up or reminiscing on the things that have made her so special to you over the years.

Make her something

As long as it comes from your own two hands, it doesn’t have to cost much if anything at all. It might sound silly to some but even a handmade card, like the ones you used to make you’re her when you were a kid, can go a long ways expressing your love for her. Perhaps you are handy and have the resources to make a picture frame and can put your favorite picture of the two of you in it? There are many very affordable do it yourself projects so the options here are virtually limitless.

Write a letter

Sometimes we can communicate our feelings best when we put a pen to paper. Instead of a traditional card write Mom a letter on what makes her so special to you and how thankful you are for the many things she’s done to you. In a time when emails and texting have replaced the telephone and letters, it could be a great surprise for her to see you’ve made a handwritten letter just for her!

Do the chores for a day

It was a lot of work raising you. The messes you made that needed cleaning, the things you broke that needed replacing…well, guess what, you can repay (a very little portion of it) by taking on her tasks for the day. Visit and do the dishes, sweep the floors, clean up after Dad…whatever you can to give Mom a break will mean so much.

Don’t fret if you are short with money this year as the options are almost endless on how you can show Mom how much you appreciate her! Combine any or all of these for what can be an extremely affordable yet memorable Mother’s Day! With some extra thought and effort, you can make the day one of the best.

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