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Over the coming months, we will be hard at work adding new content and polishing up current items found within our learning center, such as our personal finance webinar series, courses & more!

Education First Approach

Financial education has been the cornerstone of our organization since we first opened our doors back in 1996.
Everything we do at Money Fit revolves around educating our clients and communities. In establishing our organization as a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency back in the 1990s, our founder identified financial education as our chartered nonprofit purpose. Our debt counselors’ first obligation is to help the client put together and understand a workable household budget. Every counseling session includes a referral sheet to financial education resources applicable to the client, whether these include our own workshops, webinars, and online materials or those of government and other community organizations.

We long ago committed to our clients, funders, and even regulators that we would always offer financial education programs, resources and materials at no cost to anyone meeting with us by phone, in person or electronically.
Finally, we have developed scores of webinars and workshops that our educators and managers have facilitated over the years to tens of thousands of community members in churches, schools, jails and prisons, and even businesses and other nonprofit agencies.

The Money Fit Academy

Whether you need a certificate of completion, want some extra tools in your financial toolbox to improve your ability to keep more money in the bank, or are just looking for some financial peace of mind, we have courses to help you build your financial capability.

The Money Fit Academy is accessible 24/7 at no-cost. We invite you to visit the Academy and access the many free tools and resources available, all designed to help you stay on top of your finances and get ahead.

Core Features of the Academy:
Personal Finance Courses
Live Weekly Webinars
How-To Videos
Podcasts & Audio
Interactive Tools (Calculators, Quizzes & Surveys)
Additional Resources

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