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Reminder: May is Military Appreciation Month!

In 1999, Congress designated the month of May as the National Military Appreciation Month as a gesture of providing a period of time to reflect on US Military achievements and educate new generations of the history of our nation’s armed forces.

Free Services for All Active Duty Military (Not just in May, our services are always no-cost to active duty military!)

At Debt Reduction Services Inc., we are grateful for the continued efforts of our service members and offer our Debt Management Program services at no cost to active duty servicemembers because we understand how challenging life can be for those who serve on our behalf. Getting help with credit card debt and other types of unsecured debt at no cost is one way we can help provide some peace of mind to our military men and women.

Many military families carry debt balances in excess of over $10,000 per month which in turn creates a burden which can affect future savings, mental health due to added stress, relationships, and even depression. Debt Reduction Services Inc. is a nonprofit credit counseling organization that has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We service consumers throughout the United States.

We specialize in reducing the amount of money needed to repay debts in full by working with creditors to lower interest rates, stop late or over limit fees and consolidate all unsecured debt into one monthly payment.

If you know a service member that needs assistance with their credit card or other unsecured debts have them call us today so we can get them back on a healthy financial track.

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We give our sincerest gratitude to all military members and encourage you to stop and shake the hand of the next military service men or women you see and thank them for everything they do to keep us safe.

As always if you are struggling with credit card debt or are you already facing collection agencies please give us a call so we can discuss your options. Our consultations are free and we make it our mission to finish our credit counseling session with a recommendation tailored to your unique situation. 1-866-688-3328

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