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Credit Reports Waiting on Medical Debt

Watch our Director of Education, Todd Christensen, discuss issues regarding medical debt and some help coming later this year with Fox News reporter Roland Beres. Click on the image or link below for the full story. Credit reporting agencies will begin waiting 180 days to report medical debt later this summer.


Credit Reporting Agencies Waiting on Reporting Delinquent Medical Debt

From the story:

The agreement will not start until August and Todd Christensen who is Director of Education at Debt Reduction Services explained that until those rules are enacted, consumers need to keep impeccable records to avoid having a their credit docked.

“It can happen to anybody. There’s no magic bullet. You have to pay attention to where bills come from,” Christensen explained.

He also strongly suggests that everyone get their free annual credit report to make sure there aren’t any unexpected debts on your record. 

If your struggling with medical debt or you are already facing collection agencies please give us a call. Our consultations are free and we make it our mission to finish our credit counseling session with a recommendation tailored to your unique situation.



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