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Managing Student Loan Debt

Student loans are becoming an increasing problem for the economy and those seeking a higher education. In the past few decades, educational costs have sky-rocketed and for the average student, this means taking on hefty debt. While loans allow qualified individuals to educate themselves and better their future, the inability for 44.2 million borrowers to repay $1.4 trillion in loans could result in a price we all pay.

Though new perspectives downplay the need for a college degree, the majority of young individuals still feel the pressure to obtain one. Student loans are an equally accepted part of a young individual’s life. Without a complete understanding of the contractual loan agreement, and lacking in basic financial education, many of those who borrow for school struggle to repay their debt. If you are considering student loans, or are in the process of repayment, consider the infographic below for ways to manage your debt:


What you need to know about student loan borrowing and student debt repayment.


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