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Free Resources and Tools to Help You Learn to Live Debt Free

Since we opened our doors in 1996, Debt Reduction Services has been a leader in promoting financial education, increasing personal financial responsibility, and empowering individuals to take control of their financial situation. We are pleased to present these free financial education resources to you.

Additional Resources

Some of our current projects include…

  • Hundreds of live seminars every year to thousands of individuals
  • Free, online series of webinars accessible 24-7 with certificates of completion
  • Newsletters to thousands each month that provide insight and suggestions to improve their financial skills
  • Guest speakers at general interest and financial-related conferences

Our Mission

Our mission at the at Debt Reduction Services Inc. is to promote financial responsibility in our community members nationwide. We accomplish this through educational programs, counseling, and personalized services. We thus empower individuals to develop and use positive budgeting skills and effective spending behaviors, to use credit wisely, and to prevent, manage, and eliminate consumer debt.

About Our Financial Educators

Todd Christensen

Director of Education

Born and raised in the American West with instructional, marketing, managerial, and high-tech skills as well as business ownership experience, Todd Christensen directs the Financial Education Services at Debt Reduction Services, Inc., a nationwide non-profit credit counseling organization headquartered in Boise, Idaho.

As a certified personal finance counselor, Todd develops the client and community educational programs and materials that teach day-to-day money management skills to individuals from all walks of life. Among other things, he enjoys his visits to high schools where he teaches wise credit usage. His professional satisfaction results from helping others discover their own ability and opportunities to build a stable and secure financial future.

Todd speaks French and Spanish, has lived in four countries, has a passion for history, cultures, and travel, and enjoys a variety of team and individual sports.

Todd Christensen, Financial Educator presents 5 options for debt repayment.
Todd Christensen, Financial Educator, speaks at the 2018 Smart Women Smart Money Conference in Boise, ID.

What Our Participants Are Saying:

Here are some comments we’ve received from hosts and students in regards to our financial education presentations that we provide at no cost to our local communities:

Feedback from Hosts:

  • It was actually enjoyed by all. Helpful and easy to get through (1/14/2016)
  • Thank you Todd!  As always, it was wonderful info you shared.  (St Luke’s Health System – 7/15/2015)
  • Very personable, knowledgeable and easy to work with (4/7/2015)
  • Great speaker, informative, explained very well, answered all questions (2/10/2015)
  • Great information we can use… (1/13/2015)
  • Great presentation. The information on debt was very helpful for all… (11/6/2014)
  • Very engaging and interactive… (7/21/2014)
  • Valuable money management strategies that have helped many… We are grateful for these classes… (5/29/2014)

Feedback from Participants (Adult Students):

  • Both professional and personable… also patient and very thorough (1/22/2016)
  • Class was great!  Instructor was full of energy! (6/11/2015)
  • Very informative. Easy to understand (2/20/2015)
  • Excellent motivational speaker. (1/23/2015)
  • Friendly… Not intimidating… Easy to understand
  • The speaker was very formative [and] gave me some nuggets to use for my financial future. (7/25/2014)
  • Because of you I no longer want to [live] rich, I want to be wealthy! Thank you for your time! (7/3/2014)
  • You convinced me of the importance of budgeting and being a savvy shopper (7/3/2014)
  • I now feel motivated to budget better… (3/21/2014)