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You can improve your health in ways that also improve your finances.

See How Your Wallet and Health Can Benefit from Building Frugal Habits

Health challenges and financial distress have caused many of us to take a look at both our good and bad habits. Here are a few realistic tips to help you take better care of both the body and the wallet.

Convenience Store Smoking:

We all know the health and financial reasons to quit smoking, but if you’re like a lot of smokers, you may not have the motivation to quit yet. There is, however, something you can do right now that will save the body and the wallet. When it’s time to purchase cigarettes, keep this in mind:

  • Avoid unnecessary convenience purchases such as candy bars, energy drinks, doughnuts, jerky, chips and lottery tickets. Your $5 pack of cigarettes just went to $15 and 1500 calories!
  • Buy by the carton, ration the packs inside, and stay away from the convenience store entirely.
  • You may also consider comparison shopping. Try a few less expensive brands to see if you could switch long term and save money.

Dollar Menu Trap:

The cheap items on the dollar menu seem affordable and convenient, but they may carry some negative health and financial implications. The dollar menu options are almost always high in fat and loaded with starch and their seemingly low price and convenience have you coming back much more often. If you insist on having that quick lunch out, set limits for yourself.

  • Bring healthier items from home to replace one of the items you would have purchased from the dollar menu (fruit, veggies, sandwich, or even your dessert!)
  • Bring your own drink instead of purchasing it from the restaurant. You can buy your soft drinks at the grocery store and also easily (and more affordable) make iced tea, smoothies, and shakes at home. You could also just ask for a cup of water along with your order – zero calories, zero dollars spent.

Switching to Coffee:

If you do not wish to discontinue your patronage at the local gourmet coffee shop, consider changing what you are drinking. Fancy espresso beverages come with a hefty price tag and many extra ingredients that significantly increase your caloric intake.

  • The gourmet coffee shops sell great coffee alongside great espresso, so you aren’t really missing out with a plain cup of coffee and it’s always one of the cheapest items on the menu.
  • If you like the steamed milk effect of a latté, order the “café au lait” – it’s steamed milk with coffee instead of espresso.

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