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Adopting a green mindset can help you save money.

How to Implement Green Household Practices without Sacrificing Your Budget

Going green is a trend we’re all so familiar with now. The challenge most people have is not with drumming up a desire to do what’s healthy for the environment, but doing it without breaking our budget. Experts suggest using energy efficient appliances, light bulbs, and heating and cooling systems, but most of us can’t make such expensive changes as quickly as we would like. So what can people do to go green right now without spending additional money?

Here are a few simple things you may consider doing if you’d like to save both the environment and your own money.

Turn off the house lights when you leave a room or house

Supplying electricity to cities all across the world can really take a toll on the environment in multiple ways. Conserving electricity is a habit that is easily adopted and you can feel good knowing that with each light you turn off you are saving money.

Unplug unused appliances

Many appliances continue to use energy even while turned off. Unplug even just a few and you will see a decrease in your monthly bill.

Turn off the water when brushing your teeth

Water is another flexible expense for households. Often times, we can cut down on the amount we use with little sacrifice of comfort and simultaneously increase what we can save.

Turn down the water heater when vacationing

Who needs hot water when they aren’t even home? No one. Enjoy the sweet savings with a quick adjustment to the hot water lever.

Adjust your thermostat

Be strict with your use of air conditioning and heating. Turn them off when you are not home and strive to use them only when in desperate need. If you can shed or add a layer to avoid resorting to either system, you’ll cut down on pollution emitted and keep some money in your pocket, too. In fact, for every degree you can adjust up or down, you can save approximately 3% on your electricity and heating bills.

Flush less

Yes, you can still flush with every use. However, if you fill up a bottle of water and add a few rocks or pebbles (to weigh it down) and place it in the tank of your toilet, safely away from the operating mechanisms, each flush will use less water. Less water means smaller water bill.

Take shorter showers

Every minute you cut down on showering can save you 50 to 100 gallons of water. That’s a lot of saved money and water when you think about how that adds up throughout the month.

Stop buying paper towels

It may be a bit frustrating at first to have to give up the convenience of paper towels. However, relying solely on cloth kitchen and cleaning towels will save you money immediately and over time. Cloth towels also take less of a toll on the environment as they take far longer to “consume.”

These are just a few ways to protect the environment and your budget. Get creative and you could find hundreds more in savings all while being eco-conscious.

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