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Everyday Money Webinars are a great way to learn about personal finance at your own pace.

Everyday Money Webinars Now Available!

We are thrilled to announce that as of Monday, June 27, all eight webinars in our Everyday Money for Everyday People series of free online workshops are available at

Ranging from 27 to 57 minutes in length, these webinars are pre-recorded, available 24/7 and may be accessed from any device that can play Youtube media.

Also available without charges are the corresponding handouts and a certificate of achievement for anyone who successfully completes all eight corresponding 5-question quizzes with scores of 80% or better.

Ideas for using this certified education program include:

  1. Family self-sufficiency clients of housing authorities can take them to show progress in financial education
  2. Teenaged children can take the webinars in support of a parental discussion about personal finance
  3. Teenaged children can complete the webinars as a pre-requisite for being “ungrounded” wink-pixabay-100x100
  4. Case managers can include the completion of this series of webinars as part of the client’s case requirements
  5. Employers can require repeat paycheck advance employees to complete this series as a pre-requisite for further assistance
  6. Nonprofits can incorporate one or more or all of these webinars into their service programs

Topics include:

  1. Establishing a Financial Vision: Giving motivation and direction to our financial goals
  2. Turning our Budget from Foe to Frenemy: Housing budgets
  3. Credit or Debit or Cash? Oh My! How to match your spending methods to your personality
  4. Building credit: Understanding your reports and scores and what tools are available for building them
  5. Dealing with Debt: Preventing, Minimizing, and Eliminating Excessive Consumer Debts
  6. Simplified Savings Strategies: Automating the NUMBER ONE most important financial habit you can develop
  7. Dollar Dumps and Spending Barriers: Plugging Spending Leaks in our Household Budgets
  8. Money Spouse Child: Family Relationships and Money
  9. Bonus: From I Owe U to I Owe Nobody: Minimizing and Eliminating Student Loans
  10. Surviving Unemployment: Minimizing the Financial Impact of Being Unemployed

Everyday Money Certificate of AchievementUpon successful completion of the eight webinars and their quizzes, you will receipt an emailed  Certificate of Achievement as proof of your accomplishment.

If you have any questions about this course or our other free online courses (Real Solutions and Financial Empowerment), please do not hesitate to contact us.

All the best,

Todd Christensen

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