Financial Education from a Nonprofit Credit Counseling Agency

employee-financial-educationDebt Reduction Services can offer the following financial education programs, among other services, to your employees as part of an Employee Association Program, as part of your current employee benefits, or as a standalone program. These programs focus specifically on personal and household budgeting, building and rebuilding credit, paying off consumer debts, developing effective spending behaviors, savings strategies, identity theft prevention and much more:

  • Live in-person seminars and workshops
  • Webinars available 24/7/365
  • Corresponding Workbooks
  • Toolboxes (16-20 page booklets with additional topic details)
  • Discounted publications purchases (e.g. Everyday Money for Everyday People at $12.00 vs. listed price of $17.95)
  • Reduced fees for employees enrolling in our Debt Management Program or using our Bankruptcy Certificate Services

Benefits of Providing Financial Education Services as Presented by Debt Reduction Services to your Employees:

  • You get a low-cost, low-resource investment benefit program that your employee will actually want to use.
  • Your employees get free financial education, establish greater career and financial satisfaction, and develop stronger loyalty to their employer.
  • Debt Reduction Services gets another opportunity to fulfill its nonprofit charter to provide effective financial education.

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