Employee Financial Wellness Program

Employees working in cubicles

Research shows that next to an employee’s satisfaction of working with their immediate supervisor, financial stress is the leading cause of employees displaying negative performance behaviors.

For many employees becoming financially fit will:

  • Reduce their tardiness and absenteeism
  • Add to their job satisfaction
  • Help them avoid wage garnishment, bankruptcy, tax levies, and payday advance loans
  • Lessen the need to tap into retirement accounts
  • Increase their focus and productivity

The Employee Financial Wellness Program gives your organization access to:

  • Free Debt Consultation and Financial Assessment
  • Student Loan Counseling
  • Bankruptcy Counseling and Certificates
  • Reduced Fees upon enrollment in debt management programs and services
  • Online Financial Education & Resources
  • Webinars access 24/7/365 (Certificates of Completion Available Upon Request)

Is Financial Stress Distracting Your Employees From Work?

If your employees are facing financially challenging times, they may be asking themselves any of the following questions:

  • How can I pay for my car repairs when my credit card payment is due?
  • My bills are out of control! Maybe I need to find a job that pays more? Maybe I need a second job?
  • How can I help my kids pay for college and still retire on time?
  • What am I going to do about my student loans? What if I never pay them off?
  • I should be saving, but how can I on my budget?

For over twenty years our nonprofit credit counseling organization has helped thousands of people break free from the burden of debt. Our financial education team has provided countless presentations over those years to various organizations, schools, and businesses and we are happy to discuss creating a plan specifically designed to work with your organization’s employee assistance program.

Businesses within a 100-mile radius of our offices, we can come to you and provide in person counseling and presentations on an agreed upon schedule. For organizations that would like our assistance and are outside of our local office areas, we may be available for on-site presentations with travel, lodging & meal reimbursement. We are licensed to operate in 47 states and have the resources needed to provide your employees with the tools necessary to get themselves in a financially healthy place and stay there.

We offer businesses that partner with us:

  • Free brochures, break-room posters, and other materials to help your HR staff address employee financial concerns. We can tailor these specifically for your organization with your branding, logo’s, images and more.
  • Debt consolidation programs at reduced cost to your employees.
  • Free financial counseling for your employees. These sessions offer a confidential, in-depth analysis of an individual’s current financial situation and offer insight on improving household budgeting as well as developing plans aimed at reducing debt loads.
  • Custom website page information we provide to you that links your employee directly to the education materials hosted on our site. We can create a custom micro-site within your site for you at no additional cost if requested.
  • On-site Financial Wellness presentations at your place of business.
  • Free student loan counseling, if document preparation is requested we will provide reduced pricing.
  • Access to drastically reduced prices for physical copies of the book Everyday Money for Everyday People, written by our Director of Education, Todd Christensen, that was written to help individuals stop living paycheck to paycheck.

If employee job satisfaction and productivity is important to you, be sure to contact us to learn more about how we can partner together to help your employees learn to live debt-free.

Contact Todd Christensen, Education Manager and coordinator of the Employee Financial Wellness Program 855-685-7839 or send Todd an Email.