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My Owed (Ode) to Debt

Here’s something a bit different today, a poem about debt! I’m not trying to be the next Cummings, Eliot, Frost or Sandburg, but I sometimes enjoy the poetic experience (amateurish as it is):

The Plastic Gargoyle - Owed to DebtNewly born into our life,
The plastic gargoyle grins.
Its superficial innocence bespeaks no strife,
Though now with debt our future’s rife.

It feeds, consumes and grows,
Each instant it appears we owe,
To purchase unaffordable clothes
And such, the insomniac of variable sins.

Destroying time, ineffable power replaced
By impatient items bought,
Years and years of wealth effaced,
Sleepless nights and tensions wrought.

Instead of warding off the debt,
Our Gargoyle shines to belie
The Poverty of certain times yet
To come and that may never die.

Author of Everyday Money for Everyday People, Todd ChristensenTodd Christensen
Author of Everyday Money for Everyday People


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