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Finance Course Catalog

I’m excited to announce the availability online of the Everyday Money Academy “Course Catalog.”

Course CatalogEveryday Money Academy Course Catalog

Now with dozens of course and conference presentation topics to choose from, as a program director or conference program coordinator, you’re bound to find a subject that fits your needs.

Here are just a few of the popular and new programs we have available in classroom or conference settings (and soon to be in webinar format):


  1. 3 Dangerous Decisions that Will Keep You In Debt FOR-EV-ER
  2. Credit and Entrepreneurs
  3. Dangerous Decrees: Divorce and Credit
  4. Defining Your Financial Vision
  5. Don’t Go to I Owe U: College Students and Their Money Management
  6. Everyday Credit: Building or Rebuilding
  7. Everyday Savings: Simplified Savings Strategies
  8. Everyday Spending: Credit or Debit or Cash, Oh My!
  9. Everyday Waste: Dollar Dumps and Spending Barriers
  10. Fighting for Our Financial Lives: Surviving Medical Bills
  11. Financial Life Preservers: Alternatives to Drowning in Debt
  12. For Richer or for Poorer… but Hopefully for Richer: Newlywed Finances
  13. From Financial Crisis to Financial Stability: Dealing with Unemployment
  14. Money, Spouse, Child
  15. Moving On: New Home, New Life, New Finances
  16. Raising a Financially Responsible Generation
  17. Spending by Color: Why We Spend in our Own Colorful Ways
  18. Turning Your Budget from Foe to Frenemy
  19. Who Wants to Live Like a Millionaire?
  20. You’re Not Alone After All: Money and Widows and Widowers

Check out our catalog for the right program for your clients, students, employees or even family members and friends:

I encourage you to take advantage of these programs and our services. Such high-quality programs from for-profit organizations representing well-known personalities would cost you hundreds of dollars, but because we are a nonprofit with the core mission of educating our communities, we can offer many of our programs at no charge whatsoever.

Please CONTACT US TODAY to schedule your “Everyday Money” conference speaker, class facilitator, or train-the-trainer certification program.



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