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The Debt Stream Choice Poem

When faced with the choice of “Buy Now Pay Later,” I like to remember the visuals in this poem.

River of Debt“Which direction shall I row?”
Seemingly a simply choice.
After all, there’s but one flow.
“So upstream or down? Which way to go?”

I leave the dust of which I’m made
And wade into the coolness new.
No matter which stream I choose, I’m bade
Return to same dusty shore when through.

If I go upstream, more work right now,
I can float with ease at end of day,
To finish with pleasing strokes,
And pride in earlier struggles.

Perhaps go downstream first, no sweat, just splurge.
“Carpe diem,” at least for half the day.
I’ll play now and pay later to return upstream.
“Isn’t the flow the same?”

But rowing against the current sea,
Costs me dearly my remaining cache of might,
And takes the greater toll.
No more to borrow from river’s surge,
I’ve spent far too much too soon
And have no reserves
To bring me with surety back to shore.

Author of Everyday Money for Everyday People, Todd ChristensenTodd Christensen
Author of Everyday Money for Everyday People
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