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Our nonprofit credit counseling agency has helped Tucson residents in need of debt consolidation and debt relief free themselves from the burden of heavy credit card and other unsecured debt for over twenty years now! We make accessible to residents of Tucson a free, no obligation debt consultation that can be done on the phone or online with a certified credit counselor.

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Tucson residents can use debt consolidation to find relief from bills.

Debt Consolidation Can Help Tucson Az Residents with Paying Down High-Interest Debt

The city of Tucson, Az, unbeknownst to most, is a paradise all its own. Its residents are happy to bask in the warm climate for the majority of the year while enjoying optimal hiking, swimming in scenic water holes, and munching on their favorite slushies. For Tucsonans, being surrounded by Arizona’s desert beauty, admiring the colorful sunsets, and preserving their starry night sky is the only way to live. Three other points of pride for residents include the Air Force base, Football, and the influence of their Mexican neighbor which ensures they have plenty of great food and reciprocal economic benefits.

While Tucson is bigger than most perceive it to be, it has only recently started to experience the kind of growth the rest of the U.S. has seen. This comes along with investment in the city’s infrastructure as well as with an expansion of the aerospace and arms industry into area.

Tucsonans have appreciated the much-needed job creation and steadily increasing wages, despite the slow rate of progress. In addition to these improvements and in response to research, Tucson has blossomed with financial assistance programs which offer educational courses, occupational training, and pathways to save money and pay for college.

For many, these developments are a means of survival. Tucson admits to having a high unemployment rate that surpasses the national average. This is a two-fold problem as the area lacks both employment opportunities and individuals with the education needed to qualify for positions available. Without that education, many households struggle to afford the increasing housing costs and any kind of stable lifestyle. In fact, in 2015 it was reported that 25.2% of Tucson’s population lives in poverty. Perhaps for these reasons, Tucson ranked in the top 5% of cities with the most credit card debt. Without using credit it may seem impossible to cover living expenses. However, the relief is short-lived as the burden of rising debt becomes overwhelming.

If you feel you have run out of resources, but have not yet considered debt consolidation, we invite you to schedule a free consultation. Our certified credit counselors can give guidance to help you live within your means and provide solutions for your most pressing financial obligations. Once we’ve helped you put a plan in place, your only worry will be the possibility of a sunblock shortage.

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