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Debt Reduction Services has made it a goal, day in and day out, to be the very best solution to debt related problems for over twenty years now. We are proud to provide nonprofit credit & debt counseling services and a litany of free financial education resources in order to help empower families to live debt free. Read our clients comments below for inspiration to break yourself free from the burden of debt. Our certified credit counselors are ready to help!

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June 23rd, 2018

I was quite surprised the other day when I looked back through my records at when I started with DRS. It’s been a little over 4 years! I won’t say the time has gone quickly, but thankfully, it has gone as easily as possible. Being with your service has taken the stress out of repaying my debts. I am very grateful for all the help I have received. Every interaction I have had with DRS has been conducted with the utmost courtesy and respect. In any situation in life, feeling respected is deeply meaningful and encouraging, but when it comes to indebtedness, those attitudes are especially meaningful and helpful. It is all too easy to become discouraged and to think poorly of one’s self in the event of overwhelming debt. Therefore, my deepest thanks and gratitude to you all.   RL – Springfield, Oregon


March 15th, 2018

All I can begin to start out with is “Thank You”. I was in a bad debt place when I started looking for help with consolidation. I realized that I could not pay off these debts without help. I was laid off a few years ago and that is why I was behind on my bills. I searched debt services on the internet and came across a few. I researched and even spoke with some of the services. However, they all lacked the customer service and sincere concern for me. Anyway, this was the best decision I have ever made. Since I have been with you all my credit score has gone up almost 100 points in a year. The balances are going down fast and that’s a blessing.

A very very special “Thank You” to Ciaria Colson, my credit counselor. She always responds to my inquiries and gives me the best advice. I value her opinion and followed her instructions and now I am on my way to better credit and a fresh start!

Thank you, thank you, thank you DRS!     KJ – Tampa, Florida


February 7th, 2018

After thirty four years of teaching, I found it difficult to make ends meet during my second year of retirement. Everything snowballed and I was suffocating under an avalanche of debt.

My son in law was in school but also unemployed as well as the father of my adorable infant granddaughter. My daughter worked hard as a night shift RN but she was struggling to make ends meet; I wanted to help take up the slack. I’d always loved to celebrate Christmas and birthdays in what my daughter called “mom’s over the top” way and I had a difficult time adjusting to my pension salary even though I did cut back a lot. Then two great friends on the other side of the country announced their engagement. I did not have enough money left on my credit cards to fly out, so, I opened another one, which was a big mistake. Then when my granddaughter was born I wanted to make sure that she had everything she needed, then a great first Christmas and a great first birthday.

I was struggling but I could not bring myself to ignore traditional gift giving holidays because I associated the gifts with love and the lack there of with rejection. I am trying to rearrange my thought processing because I know deep down that love does not have a price tag. The final whammy was when a debt collector called me at my very part time job attempting to collect payment on a medical bill I thought I’d paid two years earlier. I was devastated, humiliated, and my heart felt like a black hole. Then I looked up my credit score and I was horrified to see three negative marks on my credit. Checking my mostly maxed out credit cards, I found out the one I’d opened to attend my friend’s cross country wedding had gone up to 25% interest and the credit card company was not open to negotiations because I had exceeded my credit limit (while trying to buy happiness).

I knew my spending habits were out of control and that I needed to change; but, it looked like the rest of my retirement would be spent working part time jobs and struggling to make ends meet. Thankfully one day’s sorrow can be replaced by the next day’s hope; which in this case was supplied by a non-profit debt consolidation company named Debt Reduction Services. In a moment of pure panic and emotional exhaustion, I called Debt Reduction Services after finding them listed on a government approved site. That is when I first talked to Ann Carpenter. I was so emotional explaining my situation to her that it was difficult to talk through the tears I was trying to hold back.

That is when Ann calmly and compassionately began to describe what Debt Reduction Services could do for me. She treated me with dignity and respect at a time in which I was feeling totally overwhelmed and stressed out. She remained calm even though I was not. I immediately felt a ray of hope. She was professional and extremely patient. I will admit that I have spent my life living beyond my means.

Debt Reduction Services has educational programs that provide helpful information to break bad habits like the ones I’ve formed; which is an important part of the process. The relief I feel is tremendous. Ann talked me through the forms on my smart phone, believe me, if she could take me through a linear process she can take anyone through it. In a few days I was approved even though my credit score was far from perfect. Following this plan, I will be out of debt within four years and I will save many, many thousands of dollars and thirty years of financial insecurity by consolidating my debts! My monthly automatic payment from my checking account is smaller than what I had previously been paying on my credit card debt, so now I have a few extra dollars to spend on gifts and fun things.

I know that my habits must change even though Ann never mentioned anything about this whole situation being my fault. This opportunity has given me another chance that I feared I might never have. You are never too old to make a better life for yourself and also a better life for everyone you come in contact with. Thank you so much Ann and everyone at Debt Reduction Services.     TF – Appling, Georgia


I was overwhelmed with a few large credit card debts about 2 1/2 years ago. I visited DRS and got into the program. No more phone calls and demands – just one reasonable payment per month. I came into some money before the end of the program and was able to pay off the debt in full thanks to DRS!

Before coming to Debt Reduction Services we felt like we were drowning in debt. We tried to get our creditors to work with us but they wouldn’t. Now we are almost out of debt with the help of Debt Reduction Services. They treat us with respect and dignity every time we come into their office. They have truly been a lifesaver and we recommend them to anyone needing help with their debt.

Thanks to the Debt Reduction Program! It has made our lives almost stress free. (We do not worry about how we are going to pay all the bills.) With the help of this program, we are able to see ourselves living debt free soon!

Since enrolling in the debt management program my monthly bills have gone down by half. I have been recommending Debt Reduction Services to everyone I know. It’s a great feeling knowing I’m paying off my bills. To be debt free is great!!

I wanted to thank you, Debt Reduction Services, for your help to making me debt free. I was on the program for 3 years! I found your services very helpful and professional! Thanks again!

Thank you so very much for giving us the opportunity to pay off our debt. It has been a long three years but it is finally done! Your staff was excellent and fun to work with. Again, from our family to yours, thank you!

We absolutely love what we do and we are so thankful for the kind words our clients share along the way. Some of the stories we receive are powerful reminders of how much of an impact financial hardships have on individuals and families and it is always refreshing when we hear someone say that they’ve conquered their debt and are well on track for financial success!

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