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Our nonprofit credit counseling service has helped Seattle residents utilize debt consolidation to find long-term relief from the strain of heavy credit card and other unsecured debt for over twenty years now! We offer Seattleites a free, no obligation debt consultation that can be done on the phone or online with a certified credit counselor to help answer questions and determine if consolidation is right for you.

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Debt Consolidation Consultations in Seattle Washington

You Can Find Help with Debt Consolidation in Seattle

The city of Seattle, WA is home to enthusiasts of all kinds. Its variety of amenities and sights has drawn a diverse crowd of technology, nature, food, music, and sports lovers.

Besides being a well-developed metropolis, Seattle also offers its residents a financial environment in which they can flourish. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, a larger percentage of the population is employed than on average nationally. This employment comes with substantially higher wages than other cities and has remained consistent over the years. The outlook on employment continues to be positive with many businesses moving to Seattle as well as other businesses expanding their presence there.

Seattleites also benefit from an abundance of supportive resources. For instance, residents have access to public colleges and universities allowing them a higher education they can afford to pursue. Seattle graduates on average leave school with far less debt than in many other places. It is also a fact that Seattle touts higher participation in 401(k) investments. This may be just one measurable result of a high priority the city has set in increasing the accessibility of financial education programs for all ages and groups. These initiatives are not only outlined in the city’s proposed budget, but they also list building city savings as another area of importance. With such a stellar example of wise financial practices, it’s no wonder that Seattleites have managed their own finances so well. The residents have acquired a ranking among cities with the most manageable amounts of debt.

Despite these advantages, unforeseen hardships such as unemployment can still befall Seattle residents. Currently, the city has seen a dip in employment and at least one large employer has admitted to plans for reducing employment in the future. Aside from this, living in a big city such as Seattle can come with a bigger price tag, too. Without income and expenses in perfect alignment, finances can easily spin out of control and residents may find themselves in need of debt relief.

Debt Reduction Services is a great place to start getting your life back on track. In addition to giving you access to a variety of tools and resources, we offer free debt and credit counseling and can help determine if debt consolidation through a debt management program is the right option for you. Once we’ve developed your plan to financial freedom, your only worry will be the new barista getting your order coffee wrong.

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