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Our nonprofit credit counseling service has helped San Diego residents in need of debt consolidation and debt relief live independent from the burden of heavy credit card and other unsecured debt for over twenty years now! We invite residents of San Diego to take advantage of a free, no obligation debt consultation that can be done on the phone or online with a certified credit counselor.

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Who Offers Debt Consolidation in San Diego

Debt Consolidation Can Provide Many in San Diego, Ca with Peace of Mind

Ask anyone from the city of San Diego, Ca and they will most likely tell you they live in the best city in the U.S. Oozing with a mix of cultures, enjoyment of almost endless sunshine, and boasting some of the best beaches in the states makes their claim hard to argue with.

Along with these luxuries, San Diegans also lead a comfortable lifestyle because of a stable regional economy. Despite belonging to a highly populated and professionally competitive state, San Diego has maintained an unemployment rate below the national scale. Additionally, over the past year, the city has added approximately 29,000 jobs. As city representatives work to combat these areas of obstacle, the economic climate is expected to see continued progress. The city has already accomplished salaries and wages heartier than many in the nation. San Diego also holds claim on having the 4th lowest foreclosure rate among large and popular metropolitans.

These highlights, however, are not to say that San Diego is without its struggles. Credit card debt is common due to factors specific to the coastal community. The fair weather, for one, causes more people to spend time outside of the home and that rarely comes without shopping or other leisure-related purchases. San Diego is also a home to many military members whose constantly changing lifestyle causes inconsistency and unpredictability in finances. Both of these circumstances lead to increased debt. What’s more, local representatives have acknowledged a recent and growing housing crisis. Housing, in general, is difficult to find, let alone housing, including rental units that don’t exceed what’s allotted in a healthy household budget.  Reports even conclude that 70% of the population considers the market inaccessible. Low-income families suffer the most as they are forced to take on housing they cannot actually afford. Using credit to cover the excess expenses sometimes seems like the only answer.

If this rings all too true, know that you have options. We are experts at building budgets and financial strategies to free you of debt and worry. Our certified credit counselors can work with your creditors to stop letters and calls, negotiate lower interest rates, and arrange for debt consolidation so you can conquer your debt one reasonable monthly payment at a time. Once you’ve taken control of your debt, your only worry will be getting to VG Bakery before all the goodies are snatched up.

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