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Our nonprofit credit counseling service has delivered debt consolidation to Raleigh residents searching for relief from considerable credit card and other unsecured debt for over twenty years! Residents of Raleigh are encouraged to seek a free debt consultation that can be done on the phone or online with a certified credit counselor.

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Debt consolidation can deliver Raleigh residents from financial trouble.

Debt Consolidation May Help Raleigh Residents Affected by Stagnant Wages

The city of Raleigh, Nc is a best-kept secret to those lucky enough to live there. Raleigh residents bask in a well-balanced life full of outdoor adventures, modern conveniences, and southern charm so thick you’d think it was a small town. In this environment, technological and pharmaceutical companies are thriving and contributing major research to their fields. Families are settling in and infusing the area with a youthful spirit. Raleigh is positioned as a city with big plans and a bright future.

Newer industries are growing stronger promising residents better opportunities. The local government expects jobs will be added to the market and wages will increase in the coming years. Presently, Raleigh can boast an unemployment rate lower than the average across the U.S. It’s no wonder why it’s become an attractive place to build a life.

Despite these good economic marks, Raleigh has some hurdles to overcome. While certain areas and industries report high income, overall salaries and wages in most sectors are below average. Though the employment rate ranks well nationally, residents have seen a persistent downward trend for the past few months. Salaries, in general, have been stagnant compared to other rising costs and are in desperate need of the predicted future increases. With financial troubles such as these, households often turn to credit to fill the holes between income and expenses. This has caused Raleigh to rank 53rd out of 200 or so U.S. cities for most credit card debt. The average credit balance sits at $6,251.

If your bills have become overwhelming and you don’t know how you will keep paying them, our debt consolidation services may be the answer. Our certified credit counselors are experienced in reforming budgets, negotiating interest rates and fees, and may be able to lower your monthly debt payments. They can provide the resources needed for a less stressful financial future. With a plan for your debt in hand, your only worry will be beating your neighbor out for best barbeque recipe.

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