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Our nonprofit credit counseling service has helped Phoenix residents considering debt consolidation and debt relief successfully overcome the hardship of heavy credit card and other unsecured debt for over twenty years now! We offer residents of Phoenix a free, no obligation debt consultation that can be done on the phone or online with a certified credit counselor.

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Debt Consolidation Repayment Option Phoenix Arizona

Debt Consolidation Can Guide Residents of Phoenix, Az Toward Becoming Debt Free

The city of Phoenix, Az is enjoyed by its residents as a world of its own. Nestled in the southern desert, they experience landscape, heat, wildlife, and culture like no other. Between the variety of restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment venues, and onsets of strange weather, there is never a dull moment.

This lifestyle, coupled with a continuation of affordable housing has attracted college students and young families to the area. Many other factors make Phoenix an appealing place to settle, as well. The average salaries and wages in the area are robust and on the rise. The economy offers Phoenicians access to jobs bolstering a steady employment rate over the year. In fact, the city can take pride in achieving more job creation than the nation has averaged. Equally promising is the increasing homeownership rates. If these benefits weren’t enough to offer families, Arizona has also in recent years, developed a solid set of resources for the purpose of financially educating its population. As of 2013, financial literacy topics were added into public school curriculum. Phoenicians have surely seen an effort on their government’s part to ensure their future success.

Unfortunately, money management has become an increasingly complicated matter. Even with good stable income in place, and a generally healthy local financial climate, many families and individuals in Phoenix have fallen victim to what once was seemingly harmless debt. The average household as of last year carried $5,600 in credit card debt alone. Students in Phoenix have perhaps found it difficult to obtain sufficient employment to meet the demands of student loan repayment. Because of this, Phoenicians have a higher rate of default on those loans. Ultimately, all financial troubles combined and with no other apparent place to turn, the last year has shown an increase in bankruptcy filings.

If you feel you are in need of debt relief or have considered debt consolidation as an option, we can help you create a plan to become debt free. As a nonprofit credit counseling agency, our representatives can review your finances, help you find ways to reduce your debt and negotiate reasonable terms with creditors to ensure a shorter path to financial freedom.  Once we’ve found an effective strategy to address your situation, your only worry will be forgetting to shake out your shoes.

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