Nevada Debt Consolidation

While our organization is not currently accepting clients from Nevada currently we are more than happy to have a discussion regarding your situation and find an organization the fits your needs to refer you to.


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Nevada Debt Consolidation Availability

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Will Debt Consolidation Help Me?

Nevada residents may benefit from reaching out to a credit and debt management provider. Be sure to verify the organization is a nonprofit and take a look at their online reviews or Better Business Bureau before reaching out.

Many nonprofit credit counseling organizations provide debt consolidation programs that are designed to help with both short and long term relief by reducing high interest rates as well as consolidating all unsecured debt payments into one manageable monthly payment. In many cases this has shown to decrease the time needed to repay the debt in full by many years!

Credit Card Debt in Nevada

Nevada residents on average carry $5,202[1] in credit card debt alone. When you combine that with student loan, payday loans, medical debt or collection debt it’s easy to see the need for a free debt consolidation assessment. The average credit card debt has increased by 2% last year but what is more concerning is that unfortunately the number of severe delinquencies on credit card repayments has increased by 10.3%[2] over the last year in Nevada.

Credit Score Averages in Nevada

Nevada residents are unfortunately at the bottom of states in the country in credit scores with an average of 660[3]. This places Nevada in fiftieth overall in the United States. Our debt consolidation referral to a licensed credit counseling and debt consolidation service is provided at no cost.

Be sure to contact us at 1-866-688-3328 for more information and to receive a referral to an agency approved to provide debt consolidation programs in Nevada.


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