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As a nonprofit credit counseling service, we’ve guided Miami residents in need of debt consolidation on their path to debt relief from heavy credit card and other unsecured debt for over twenty years now! We offer residents of Miami a free, no obligation debt consultation available on the phone or online with a certified credit counselor.

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Residents of Miami with financial problems can get help through debt consolidation.

Miami Residents Relying on Credit Cards Can Right Their Finances with Debt Consolidation

The city of Miami, Fl is an epicenter for business, vacation, and everyday fun. Few metropolitan areas rival it in population diversity and residents wouldn’t change a thing about that. A cultural base rooted in family results in community members that help each other out. They aren’t afraid to mingle at the beach, on a boat, or as part of the nightlife crowds. Adding in warm weather, outdoor fun, and access to urban amenities makes Miami residents happy to call this city their home.

Many transplants and those living in nearby suburbs are enticed to Miami with promises of job opportunities and prime networking. After all, some of the biggest industries thrive in the Florida market. Unfortunately, the city’s economic benefits end there.

The unemployment rate, which matches the U.S. average, might suggest that Miami residents enjoy financial stability. However, most workers, no matter the sector, are underpaid. High salaries are reserved for a small percentage of top management. Cost of living and housing are infamously unaffordable in Miami and cities like it. This causes a wide array of financial problems for households. The United Way even reports that as much as 58% of the population struggles just to cover basic monthly expenses.

It’s likely that credit card debt is used to fill gaps. Miami residents carry on average $6,615 across accounts with balances increasing year after year. Not only is current income insufficient to bear this burden, but the accumulation of debt is also outpacing wage and salary increases. Financial education which would ease the problem is scarce, leaving residents with few places to turn.

If you’ve become buried in debt and can’t break your paycheck to paycheck cycle, we urge you to request a free debt consultation. Our credit counselors can create a plan, so you can better manage your income to cover bills and pay off debt for good. With our guidance to see you through, your only worry will be a shortage of Cuban coffee.

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