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Our nonprofit credit counseling service has helped Long Beach residents in need of debt consolidation and freedom from the burden of heavy credit card and other unsecured debt for over twenty years now! Our certified credit counselors can offer residents of Long Beach a free, no obligation debt consultation that can be done on the phone or online.

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Long Beach residents in need of financial help can find relief through debt consolidation.

Long Beach Residents Can Stay Ahead of Debt with the Help of Debt Consolidation

The city of Long Beach is loved by its residents for its unique approach to all things. Long Beach honors its history while pursuing and embracing the new. The community is full of creative individuals looking to evolve art, music, architecture, urban public space, food, and the public’s access to resources.

While the attitude in the air is generally laid back, residents are constantly on the move. They enjoy kayaking, yoga, running, dog-walking, and getting out into their city to see everything up and coming. Long Beach and those leading the city are exemplary problem solvers. Low minimum wage? They’ve fixed that. Unassigned city lot? They’ve planned for an artsy public meeting ground. Lack of access to nutritious food? They’ve developed community gardens. While people from all walks of life and with varying incomes live in Long Beach, most are satisfied with all their city offers for their enjoyment.

Residents have reason to expect more improvement in the future. According to the city of Long Beach, the last few years have shown continued growth. There are plans for more businesses, more event and public centers, and more housing. These boosts to the economy ensure a healthy employment rate and provide sustainability to the minimum wage which was increased to $15/hr in 2015. The lives of many residents have greatly improved since then as they’ve migrated out of poverty.

Still, California is a very competitive state both professionally and socially. The gap between those who can get ahead and those trying to get by is noticeable. While most incomes in Long Beach are healthy, some fall below average with the biggest insufficiency apparent among Latinos. This makes it difficult to afford housing in a popular part of southern California: Los Angeles County. Additionally, many households attempt to keep up with the area’s lifestyle. California’s culture is an expensive one to participate in. For this reason, residents use more of their available credit to keep life in motion. In Long Beach, the average credit card debt is $9,320. Households may also rely on a number of loans for financing beyond their cash ability.

Credit card and other debt can be relentless burdens, but they don’t have to be accepted as a way of life. Debt Reduction Services provides free credit counseling to teach its clients about budgeting and sustainable spending. If you need immediate relief from financial obligations, our debt consolidation program can stop creditor harassment and fees and put you on the path to becoming debt free. Once we’ve helped you take control, your only worry will be finding the perfect chicken to waffle ratio.

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