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We are proud to announce that our nonprofit credit counseling services are now available to residents of Las Vegas. Over the past twenty years, we’ve helped households all across the U.S. obtain debt consolidation, and free themselves from the burden of credit card and other unsecured debt! We offer Las Vegas residents the same great benefit and invite them to call for a free debt consultation with a certified credit counselor.

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Debt consolidation is available to Las Vegas residents with credit card debt.

Certified Credit Counselors Can Help Las Vegas Residents in Need of Debt Consolidation and Relief.

The city of Las Vegas, NV drums up a vision of entertainment, showmanship, and excitement like few others. Beyond the casinos, clubs, and other nightlife activities on The Strip, Las Vegas offers visitors and its residents premiere golfing, culinary experiences, and encapsulated state culture at local museums. Thrill seekers branch out to enjoy desert hiking, waterfall and hot spring exploration, muscle car driving, and roller coaster conquering.

While Las Vegas serves as a vacation destination, it is also a place where job seekers and families settle, supporting a small variety of local industries. It is, in fact, forecasted that in 2018 Las Vegas will create up to 10,000 new jobs, further strengthening its economy. Growing areas include tourism, logistics, manufacturing and distribution, business, healthcare, and education. As Las Vegas continues toward a full recovery from the recession, wages have ticked upward over the past few months.

This is welcomed news to residents who have struggled through high unemployment rates and low incomes compared to the average across the U.S. Organizations offering community resources don’t seem to find at fault greedy corporations or lack of legislation to improve wages. Instead, they blame educational trends.

Las Vegas has a higher rate of drop out from high school and of those that obtain a diploma, many do not go on to college. Because of this, they are unable to qualify for higher paying jobs and have difficulty navigating important financial decisions. In this environment, it is no wonder why residents on average carry over $5,000 in credit card debt as a way to make ends meet. While this may offer temporary relief, the burden of debt can grow so great that it becomes difficult to address alone.

Our certified credit counselors work with individuals daily to help them find solutions to their debt. They specialize in budgeting, debt consolidation and reducing interest rates, and coaching you towards healthier finances. Once you’re enrolled in our program, your only worry will be scoring a shaded parking spot.

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