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Our nonprofit credit counseling service has assisted Jacksonville residents saddled with credit card debt and other unsecured find relief through debt consolidation for over twenty years now! We extend to residents of Jacksonville a free, no obligation debt consultation that can be done on the phone or online with one of our certified credit counselors.

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Choosing Debt Consolidation for Debt Relief in Jacksonville Florida

Finding Relief Through Debt Consolidation in Jacksonville

The city of Jacksonville, Fl is a well-kept secret by its devout residents. With its southern comfort food, music scene, access to a river and beaches, and a passionate sports culture, it is not hard to understand why Jacksonvillians are content with the community they call home. Jacksonville is, in fact, beginning to be discovered and appreciated by many others across the country.

Because of this, the city has seen a faster economic growth than the nation. While the unemployment rate does sit just below the national ratio, the job market is becoming stronger at the second fastest rate in the state. As a result, the number of employed individuals is projected to only see a change for the better. This boom of job creation has not only yielded tens of thousands of more jobs, it has also continued a consistent climb in average wages and salaries, securing Jacksonvillians very livable incomes. This could be in turn helping to rejuvenate the housing market. All in all, residents find living in Jacksonville pleasantly affordable. Even current students and graduates in this area, have landed on a list of those who struggle the least with student loan debt. This is most likely in part because of healthy incomes and feasible cost of living.

These positive factors, however, do not prevent residents of Jacksonville from falling into financial strife. In the past, Jacksonvillians have battled high credit card debt, even ranking among the biggest offenders in the nation as judged by the level of continuously carried credit balances in comparison to credit available.  This dangerous habit has reflected badly on the average credit score in Jacksonville which is considered less than good.

If you have high credit card balances, or your poor credit score has disqualified you from home or car buying, we can help you find options to achieve your goals. Our certified credit counselors can show you how budgeting and debt consolidation can be used as tools for repairing your finances. Once you’ve started on the path to debt relief, your only worry will be running into a gator who’s a little late for lunch.

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