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Our nonprofit credit counseling service has helped Indianapolis residents searching for debt relief through debt consolidation live free from the burden of heavy credit card and other unsecured debt for over twenty years now! We offer residents of Indianapolis a no-cost, commitment free debt consultation that can be done on the phone or online with a certified credit counselor.

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Debt Consolidation can help Indianapolis Residents

Debt Consolidation Can Be a Useful Tool for Residents of Indianapolis

The city of Indianapolis, In is not only bursting with one of a kind attractions, but is also the location of epic moments in the life of iconic people and companies. The world’s largest Christmas tree, 33 monuments, a 3-in-1 zoo, aquarium, and botanical garden, and the Indy 500 are just a taste of everything this area has to offer. Add fried food and sugar cream pie and you’ll understand why so many call this place home.

Along with these bright spots, Indianapolis also excels at keeping residents employed. The city’s unemployment rate falls an impressive amount below the national average, having made a steady decline over the previous years. Additionally, wages have kept on pace with the U.S. overall. While college athletics are wildly popular, actual college study seems to be too. 30% of Indianapolis residents have obtained at least a bachelor’s degree if not pursued an even more advanced degree. With these factors weighing in their favor, residents of Indianapolis have been able to by and large maintain healthy finances within their households.  Any efforts to do so have surely impacted the state’s economical status which ranked as having a low average credit card debt, a feat that other states have shown difficulty in combating.

Unfortunately, some residents of Indianapolis have their fair share of struggles to overcome before claiming a piece in financial stability. While many have benefited from a growing job market, the trend of growth has began to taper off as of the end of last year. Some companies have in fact reduced employment. If Indianapolitans have not suffered job loss, they may be dealing with a stagnant wages, or even a wage decline because of an oversaturation or undervaluing of certain industries. Still others are affected by a lack of financial education available through the government.  Indianapolis shows little effort to teach the public about money management and safe consumer practices compared with many other cities in the U.S. The final concerning area in which Indianapolis struggles is student loans. While higher education is accessible, it seems to come at an unaffordable price. Not only do students and graduates in Indianapolis finish school with a higher amount of debt, but down the line they also show a trend of have a higher rate of default or inability to make loan payments.

These are not uncommon stories. If you are having a difficult time making ends meet or repaying you student or other debts, we can help. We are trained in finding the best solutions for any situation. We offer courses on budgeting, debt consolidation tools, and no-cost credit counseling. Once you’ve drafted us to your team, your only worry will be leaving your Purdue flag out on a Hoosier game day.

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