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Idaho is where it all started for us. We opened our first office in Boise twenty years ago with one mission, to assist anyone in need of debt consolidation and credit counseling with exceptional service and results.


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Idaho Debt Consolidation Availability

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Will Debt Consolidation Help Me?

In Idaho we’ve helped thousands of residents manage their budgets with debt consolidation services that are designed to help reduce interest rates, high fees and shorten the length of repayments in some cases by decades.

What sets Debt Reduction Services Inc. apart from other debt management companies is that we take a look at your entire financial picture.

Contact us to learn about the options available to you that can provide immediate debt relief such as our debt consolidation plan that may reduce your monthly payment and interest rates and put a stop to over lime and late fees. We also offer student loan counseling and bankruptcy certification as separate programs.


Credit Card Debt in Idaho

Idahoans are no strangers to credit card debt. The average residence in Idaho carries $4,7931 of credit card debt alone. Couple that with student loan debt, payday loans, collection, medical debt or other unsecured debt and you can see how individuals are struggling to repay their obligations in a timely manner. With year over year debt increasing the burden is becoming greater and the number of delinquencies on payments climbed by 5.5%2 in the last year in Idaho.

Credit Score Averages in Idaho

Idahoans are near the middle of the pack when it comes to the average credit scores of residents with a score of 6943. Our free credit counseling sessions can be done in person in our Boise office or over the phone for individuals that are unable to come in. Credit counseling is designed to help you improve your situation and can lead to a healthier financial picture and enhanced credit scores. It takes commitment and effort but with our guidance we are confident we can help improve the status of your household finances.

Be sure to contact us at 1-866-688-3328 for more information and to receive your free credit counseling session with one of our highly skilled and qualified advisors.

We are a licensed debt management service provider and service all of Idaho.


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