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Our nonprofit credit counseling service has helped Detroit residents in need of debt consolidation find debt relief from the difficulty of heavy credit card and other unsecured debt for over twenty years now! We invite residents of Detroit to take advantage of a free, no obligation debt consultation that can be done on the phone or online with a certified credit counselor.

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Debt Consolidation Can Provide Relief in Detroit Michigan

Debt Consolidation Can Help Residents of Detroit, Mi Get Back on Track

The city of Detroit, MI has won national attention in the past five years not always for pleasant reasons. Despite these headlines, the metropolis is a protected home to a population of 700,000. Through the economic hardships, Detroit has begun to emerge from the ashes of a governmental bankruptcy as a uniquely interdependent community. In Detroit, you not only know your neighbor’s name, you’ve probably also at one point or another taught each other a skill, exchanged old appliances, or shared a ride with them.

This social system has allowed them to endure through their struggles towards the upturn that has made itself evident in the most recent years. Observations have concluded that Detroit has been showing increased real estate values as well as steady job growth. The latter results from outside companies investing in Detroit’s redevelopment through commercial expansion or job training and placement programs as part of charity initiatives. The local government itself has also marked developing and delivering financial education as being a high priority in order to help its citizens recover from and wade through bleak economic circumstances. Surprisingly, in the wake of this adversity, Detroiters have managed to avoid reliance on credit cards, maintaining the lowest balance in the nation. For now, stability is improving.

Currently, however, Detroiters face many barriers. For example, residents of Detroit lack opportunities to work and when they do secure employment, they can expect to be paid less of a salary or wage than the national average. The difference, in fact, amounts to almost $3,000 dollars annually.

While it is a smart financial move to resist credit card debt accumulation, lacking credit cards or sufficient credit history has greatly affected credit scores which are falling below requirements for home ownership or business loans. A lack of credit has also forced residents to live with other kinds of unmanageable debt. Lastly, many Detroiters are unbanked, depriving them of the tools, such as financial planning, and other benefits that banks offer. These factors have made it difficult to for them to get ahead.

Debt Reduction Services is here to help you get back on track. Our no-cost consultation with a certified credit counselor can identify ways you can better manage your money according to your needs and improve your ability to pay down debts. We can even discuss debt consolidation through a debt management program to start addressing your debt now. With our resources in hand, your only worry will be beating the crowd to Comerica Park on opening day.

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