If you think that you may have a debt problem, take a few seconds to answer the questions below:

  1. Debt QuizAre you using more and more of your income to pay your debts?
  2. Do you make only the minimum payments due on your loans and credit cards each month?
  3. Are you near, at, or over the credit limit on your credit cards?
  4. Are you paying your bills with money intended for other things?
  5. Are you borrowing money or using credit cards to pay for things you used to buy with cash?
  6. Do you often pay your bills late?
  7. Are you dipping into your savings to pay current bills?
  8. Do you put off visits to the dentist or doctor because you can’t afford them?
  9. Has a collection agency called recently about overdue bills?
  10. Are you working overtime or a second job to make ends meet?
  11. If you or your spouse lost your jobs, would you be in financial trouble right away?
  12. Do you often worry about money?


If you answered “YES” to more than three of the questions, you may already be in serious debt trouble.

But don’t despair; there is a way to get your finances back on track.

Go to the “START TODAY” online application page, fill it in, and submit it. A certified credit counseling advisor will contact you with within 24 hours to review the information.