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Our nonprofit credit counseling service has guided Dallas residents in need of debt consolidation down a path to relief from the burden of heavy credit card and other unsecured debt for over twenty years now! We encourage residents of Dallas to obtain a free, no obligation debt consultation that can take place on the phone or online with one of our certified credit counselors.

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Providing Debt Consolidation to Dallas Resident in Need

The city of Dallas, TX is lucky to belong to a state that has been quick to recognize a need for investment in the economic future of its residents. Almost two decades ago, in 2001, Texas set out to not only connect but make more accessible all Individual Account Programs in order to foster the financial capability within Texas households. With a network of financial literacy programs, events, and other resources, Dallasites have been well supported in working towards a stable economy.

Dallas appears to exude financial health, with overall low debt-to-income ratio scores, booming commercial interests, rising wages and salaries, and a lower unemployment rate than the average in the U.S. While many surrounding areas fall within the lowest level of average pay per week in the state, these levels are actually higher than many places in the U.S., and Dallas ranks in the uppermost level. Given these facts, along with the high-class neighborhoods, well-developed shopping, and ostentatious styles, there is no disputing that Dallas as a whole has money.

Unfortunately, the area is facing a downturn in its strength. Economic indicators have suggested a slowing in job growth meaning many Dallasites may have trouble finding work once graduating college or negotiating a competitive wage if established in a career. Dallas may also see less population growth resulting in local businesses losing out on revenue. Housing affordability has also scored among the lowest of the largest metropolitan cities in Texas. The most alarming financial problem facing Dallasites, however, is the average amount of credit card debt carried month to month. Dallas’ debt-to-income ratio stands at a whopping 9.99% equally almost $8,000. While many households can support this kind of debt with large incomes, carrying such debt can be a recipe for disaster.

If you fear you are losing control of your finances, or are constantly worried about your accumulating debt, a credit counseling consultation can provide you with solutions. As educated, certified credit counselors, our representatives are prepared to create household budgets, make arrangements to reduce the interest or other charges on your credit cards, and explain debt consolidation or other resolution options. With Debt Reduction Services working for you, your only worry will be someone asking to share your basket of Snuffer’s cheddar fries.

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