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Our nonprofit credit counseling agency has twenty years experience in helping Columbus residents in need of debt consolidation and debt relief live free from the burden of heavy credit card and other unsecured debt! We offer residents of Columbus a free, no strings attached debt consultation that can be done on the phone or online with a certified credit counselor.

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Residents of Columbus Ohio can use debt consolidation to pay off debt

Debt Consolidation is a Proven Way to Resolve Debt in Columbus, Ohio

The city of Columbus, Oh has been dubbed very appropriately, “the biggest small town” in the U.S. Full of country hospitality and community, yet equally abundant in big city amenities Columbus is the best of both worlds. Their triumphs in education, innovation, and entrepreneurship, art, fashion, and culinary culture go widely unrecognized but are exactly why residents consider this city an excellent place to live.

The excitement built around Columbus is perhaps only beginning. As of 2015, Columbus showed the highest amount of hourly wage growth in the U.S. This brought wages up to pre-recession levels and on par with national averages. It is most likely part of a substantial movement of major businesses into the Columbus area including the fashion, data and logistics, and distribution sectors. This kind of expansion will continue to strengthen the economy in Columbus that many have said is already sheltered from down turning business trends. Because of these conditions, the city has seen an unemployment rate lower than that of the U.S. and most households have enjoyed a stable lifestyle.

Columbus does, however, have some stumbling blocks in its financial health. For reasons unknown, employment dropped dramatically during these last months. Some speculate in attributing this to a nationally competitive job market. Employers feel they have consistently lost employees to other states. In addition to this, while a high percentage of Columbus’ population is educated which has driven its growth, this has left many graduates with some of the largest debts on average in the US. Columbusites likely struggle with this debt, but according to statistics also seem to have trouble with finances in general. Studies indicate that residents put more of their income towards housing than suggested. They also show a trend of borrowing against their homes, which in many circumstances becomes an unquenchable burden of debt.

As a nonprofit credit counseling agency, we have resources available to help residents of Columbus who are struggling with debt or other financial burdens. A thorough consultation with one of our certified credit counselors can teach you about debt management and debt consolidation and get your finances back in shape. Once we’ve developed a solution for your situation, your only worry will be trying to decide which flavor to get at Jenis Ice Cream.

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