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Our nonprofit credit counseling organization has supplied service to Chicago residents in need of debt consolidation and debt relief from credit card and other unsecured debt for over twenty years now! We offer residents of Chicago a free, no obligation debt counseling session that can be done on the phone or online with a certified credit counselor.


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Debt Consolidation Offers Chicago Residents Many Benefits

Every day the residents of Chicago, Illinois enjoy the food, music, art, theater, and diverse cultural scenes that create the pulse of the city. The neighborhoods are bursting with individual vibes and traditions. It is a city that has built itself up more than once and Chicagoans are proud to play a continual part in its bettering.

In recent years, Chicago has claimed several financial successes. For one, the city has been able to establish wages on par with national averages. The area has also seen an increase in the completion of 4-year degrees by its residents propelling them toward higher paying careers. Chicago’s most notable achievement, however, is its strides in financial education. As recently as 2015, the federal government via the Secretary of Education named Chicago a “model city” for making educational resources more widely available to its residents. There are in fact, nearly 150 local organizations dedicated to this objective. With committed representatives, ways to improve are recognized every day.

While this progress seems to paint Chicago as being financially healthy, steps forward could be in response to the stressful lifestyle Chicagoans experience daily. While one record reported sound wages, another claimed that almost 55% of Chicago residents were living on low income or were impoverished. It might be justifiable to assume that Chicagoans have compensated for this by sharing a piece in the $10,000 of credit card debt households in Illinois carry on average. It is also believed that with such a diverse population, many find they are without helpful resources for debt relief or debt consolidation.

If you are struggling to pay the credit card balances that you are carrying over every month, or have other bills asking for payment, you don’t have to deal with it on your own. Our certified credit counselors are a call away and can help you find a way out of debt. With your budget balanced and your debt resolved, your only worry will be the new hot dog vendor adding ketchup on your dog.

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