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Our nonprofit credit counseling service has helped Charlotte residents in need of debt consolidation and financial counseling plan a way out of heavy credit card and other unsecured debt for over twenty years now! We proudly offer residents of Charlotte the opportunity for a free, no obligation debt consultation that can be done on the phone or online with one of our certified credit counselors.

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Debt Consolidation Could Be the Answer to Struggles in Charlotte, Nc

The city of Charlotte, Nc captures the spirit of an urban population with a subtle southern flare. City residents are quick to brag about their access to mountains and lakes as well as the enjoyment of all four seasons. Their lifestyle would certainly not be the same without sweet tea, Nascar, tailgating, and day drinking. An equally accepted part of life is the fact that much of Charlotte’s economy is supported by and overrun with the financial and banking industries. As a result, many Charlotteans have sought education in order to merge into the job market.

With plenty of major companies offering employment, residents of Charlotte have been able to secure steady jobs and healthy incomes. Statistics indicate that hourly wages are, in fact, on pace with the averages in the U.S. and because Charlotte is primed for business expansion and building, incomes are only expected to rise over the next few years. While construction in the area will build up commercial real estate, it will also add to the residential housing market. Many hope this will make homeownership more attainable.

Unfortunately, life is not as pleasant a venture for everyone. A large portion of the population in Charlotte struggle to make ends meet. Despite local efforts to integrate all members of the community, cycles of poverty continue to persist. For those who lack higher education, job opportunities are scarce and with such a high rate of single parent families, few people take home much more than the cost of childcare. Besides finding it difficult to climb from impoverishment into the wealthy part of society, some Charlotteans battle with student loan debt and many more with credit card debt. With such factors stack against them, hard work day-in and day-out has felt useless in achieving their dreams of physical and financial security.

If you are among those who have struggled to get ahead, we have tools that can help make your desires, reality. Our certified credit counselors are experts in reviewing budgets and creating plans to get you to a better place. Whether all you need is financial education or you’d like to pursue debt consolidation, we are here to give you options. Once we’ve helped you regain power over your life, your only worry will be getting caught looking like a hot mess when Cam Newton pops into your part of town.

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