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Our nonprofit credit counseling service has helped Boston residents achieve debt relief from the burden of heavy credit card and other unsecured debt through debt consolidation for over twenty years now! We offer residents of Boston a free, informational debt consultation that can be done on the phone or online with a certified credit counselor.

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Why Choose Debt Consolidation in Boston Massachusetts

Getting the Debt Consolidation You Need in Boston, Massachusetts

The city of Boston, MA is filled to brim with residents who will be quick to admit their passions. Among them are sports, lager, patriotic celebrations, Irish traditions, and Dunkins. As if this wasn’t enough appeal, Bostonians also enjoy a range of seasons and in the summer can escape the city to several popular beaches.

Boston is indeed a place that many easily settle into. Several key reports, in fact, note Boston’s strong economy and projected continued growth and health. Among these highlights, Boston can proudly claim an unemployment rate that is declining even further below the national average. This means, a simultaneous climb in the number of residents employed. Employment is said to be the highest it’s been in five decades. Bostonians also enjoy quality in this employment, garnering wages almost 25% higher than the averages across the nation. This growth in the job market is expected to slow, but continue upward none the less.  In recent years, Boston has taken the extra measure of organizing committees for the purpose of improving financial literacy locally. This is a step that many governments fail to give proper priority to. All in all, Bostonians live without some of the major obstacles residents of other large cities face.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that every city dweller is problem-free. Education seems to be a stumbling block in two ways for Bostonians. On one hand, the population has fewer bachelor degrees per residents compared to 25 other larger metro areas. On the other hand, those who do graduate with a bachelor’s tend to have the highest amount of student loans in the U.S. Housing has also become a recent issue. As the area expands and construction increases, a rise in home prices can be good for those already invested in the housing market and bad for those trying to enter it such as the growing younger population.  Finally, while Bostonians display credit scores ranking them in the top 20 nationally, this must be attributed to utilization and diversity since thousands of lawsuits are filed every year against Bostonian consumers in attempts to collect on past-due debt.

If you’ve recently found yourself struggling with finances and debt, do not be discouraged. Our services offer free debt and credit counseling that can supply solutions no matter your situation. As a nonprofit, we can provide financial education courses and loan-free debt consolidation for added support. With your finances back in order, your only worry will be hailing a cab.

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