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Our nonprofit credit counseling service has helped many Baltimore residents navigate debt consolidation to find debt relief from stressful credit card and other unsecured debt for over twenty years now! We offer all residents of Baltimore a free, no obligation debt consultation with a certified credit counselor on the phone or online so we can develop personalized debt solutions.

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Understanding your debt consolidation options in Baltimore Maryland

Debt Consolidation Can Help Baltimore Residents Get Ahead

The city of Baltimore, Md, as with many cities in the U.S., has found strength in its community roots in the years following the recession. Every day that is filled with great literature, food, music, and the ocean is a bright one.

Aside from these positives, Baltimore plays a major role in what is considered the richest state in the U.S. Between being the largest and most diverse job hub in Maryland, and offering quality higher education and affordable housing, Baltimore paints the picture of a desirable standard of living.

Many residents manage to obtain a college degree and go on to secure jobs that allow them to provide bountifully for their families. As businesses and their need for skilled workers grow, reports have shown an improvement in Baltimore’s employment rate. With these factors weighing in their favor, Baltimoreans have not shown an ease nor a struggle with the consumer debt such as from credit cards or student loans that has been seen in other parts of the country. In many cases, households are able to maintain their financial health.

However, there are two factors that affect the entire city’s population. For one, Baltimore’s unemployment rate is uncommonly close to that of the average in the U.S. Baltimoreans have also had to have patience with a lack of any recent improvement in wages and salaries. There has been nearly no change for the better since the beginning of the year, all the while cost of living continues to climb daily. Still for other parts of the population, it seems impossible to acquire a job without an education that will provide not only for life as they know it, but more importantly does not provide a way to a better life. More concerning is the fact that jobs for the unskilled and uneducated are disappearing at an increasing rate as industries evolve. This decreases an already low chance of the impoverished working their way to wealth. When expenses become overwhelming and debt starts to feel heavy, the future feels bleak even for those with higher incomes.

If you are having trouble keeping up with your expenses and you lack hope for the future, let us be your guide in this dark time. Our certified credit counselors are prepared with options no matter your situation. They can give you counsel on budgeting, debt consolidation, and bankruptcy, if necessary. With access to our information and resources, your only worry will be hiding your Berger’s cookies in a place your kids won’t find them.

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