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Our nonprofit credit counseling service has helped Arlington residents in need of debt consolidation achieve debt relief from credit cards, loans, medical bills, and other unsecured debt for over twenty years now! We make available to residents of Arlington a free, no obligation debt consultation that can be done on the phone or online with a certified credit counselor.

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Debt consolidation is available to residents of Arlington in need of financial help.

Debt Consolidation Can Relieve the Burden of Arlington Residents Living Paycheck to Paycheck

The city of Arlington Tx may seem outshined by its neighbors, Dallas and Fort Worth, but with many unique features stands all on its own. Two big players setting the tone are education and entertainment. Arlington is full of vibrant students who have a stacked choice of notable colleges and universities to attend. The city draws the best of minds to it and its population is considered highly educated. The wide array of attractions from theme parks and sports venues to a local lake and an abundance of public events results in deep connections throughout a generationally and ethnically diverse community.

In a time when residents of other cities are feeling financially strained, the city of Arlington has taken responsibility in looking for ways to better serve and support its citizens. Housing developments have been built to meet the demand helping keep household costs down. Additionally, there’s been a decrease in foreclosures from previous years. With other industries pushing forward, the unemployment rate has dropped below the U.S. national average. These factors combine might indicate that residents of Arlington are grasping financial stability.

While it seems the city is in economic shape, there are other challenges affecting Arlington residents. The results of a study ranked Arlington 1,688 out of 2572 of cities that best manage their debt. It is not the affordable mortgages previously mentioned that is bursting budgets, its car, and student loans. These send expenses over the edge. Not only are residents caught in a cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, but they are also facing the effects of damaged credit.

This is not a predicament that any household needs to overcome alone. At Debt Reduction Services, we specialize in free credit and debt counseling which can steer our clients toward more manageable finances. We can develop strategies to get rid of debt either through budgeting or debt consolidation. Once we’ve helped you get back on track, your only worry will be finishing that Boomstick you thought was a good idea.

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