what is credit counseling?

What is Credit Counseling?

Credit Counseling is a service used to help consumers determine their options for getting out of debt. This process includes a variety of tools including but not limited to financial education and budgeting and a thorough review of an individual’s personal finance habits. It is our mission to provide every individual that we counsel a solution for managing and overcoming their current situation.

What are your fees for credit counseling?

Our consultations are free of charge. As a nonprofit consumer credit counseling organization, our mission is to help any individual in need of credit counseling services by providing them a unique, no-cost consultation. Our consultations are designed to have an outcome prepared that will work for you, regardless if you enroll into our debt consolidation plan or not. When seeking help it is important to research the company you are working with. You shouldn’t be asked to pay a fee unless you and your counselor have determined that a repayment program is in your best interest.

Are appointments required to receive a credit counseling session?

Appointments are not required to receive a credit counseling session but they are recommended. Our counselors are busy answering calls all day long and we want to make sure that your call is answered so by scheduling an appointment with one of our certified credit counselors we will make sure to have someone available.

What do I need for my consultation?

In order to go through a consultation, you will want to prepare the names, approximate balances, interest rates and minimum monthly payments for all of your creditors. Additionally, we will be going over your budget so you should have an idea of the amounts of your net income and monthly living expenses are.

How much time is needed to complete a credit counseling session?

The time of the consultations vary, we will want to review your household budget, income and who you owe. As well as discuss spending patterns and take the time to identify areas that will help you flourish financially. As a general rule of thumb, you can plan on your consultation running for an hour. In some cases, more time will be needed. We do offer phone counseling, as well as live Skype sessions with one of our certified credit counselors, for individuals that are unable to come into one of our physical locations.

What are some things I can expect to discuss during my credit counseling session?

Your Credit Counseling session will include discussion of your financial situation including goals and expectations. We will go over your household budget and the debt that you are looking to get help with. We will provide you with all possible options for getting from underneath that debt including an estimate on our Debt Management Program. We will also provide you with financial tools and education specific to your financial need.