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Couponing BasicsCouponing has been making a strong comeback recently thanks to the down economy. The promises of free items or even getting cash back with “doublers” and “catalinas” is more than just merely alluring to many. If you’re tempted to coupon more than just casually, here are some things to keep in mind:
1. Expect to spend an hour or two each week organizing your shopping trips;

2. Expand your horizons and be willing to shop at some grocery stores you normally do not frequent;

3. Be ready to beef up your newspaper subscription (and check out eBay for coupons for sale)

4. Don’t be discouraged by having to get back in line to redeem another set of coupons, and don’t be distracted by impatient shoppers behind you in line.

5. Keep your spending in perspective. It’s easy to get overly excited about great deals and make bulk purchases. Always stick to your spending limits

If you choose to embark upon the rewarding but demanding job of couponing to save your household what could be hundreds or thousands of dollars over a year’s time, find a mentor. Whether you work with a friend or find a blog online that you can trust, learn from others’ successes (and mistakes) and know what to expect. They may help you avoid discouragement and find couponing nirvana.

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