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Cool Energy Savings Tips by PG&E

Are you used to high energy bills in the Winter? Want some low to no cost relief? This week we’ve chosen the PG&E as the Free Financial Resource of the Week.

Try following some of these tips to help reduce your energy costs.

  • Did you know that for every degree you reduce the heat within the 60-70° range will save you 2% on your heating costs. Running at a 5° less will save you 10% on your next bill.
  • Make sure to close your damper when not using the fireplace, this can cause valuable heat to escape.
  • Heat can also escape from disconnected or damaged ducts. Take the time to review and repair them if necessary.
  • If you are using a fireplace remember to turn your heat down to 55° in order to avoid unnecessary heating.
  • Remember to let sunlight in…kind of think of it as a way to solar heat your home. Reverse that at night and make sure to close drapes and blinds in order to retain as much heat as possible.
  • Lower the thermostat when you are away for more than 4 hours at a time. The energy used to reheat your home will be less than what it would take to keep your home heated while you were gone. 55° is a good target.

By implementing some of these tips you may be able to save well over 10% on your monthly home heating bill.

For more energy savings tips download the Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Energy Efficiency Corner E-Book.

Source: PG&E Website

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