Abbreviated list of New Jersey service organizations
New Jersey Food StampsThe Food Stamp Program provides food assistance to low income households. Program eligibility is based upon a household’s income, resources, and expenses for medical, shelter, and dependent care.New Jersey Food Stamps

400 Holly Dell Dr Sewell, NJ 08080

1-856-582-9200 1-800-687-9512STAMPS
CHILD CARE IN NEW JERSEYLow- and moderate-income working parents can receive state subsidies for child care, including preschool instruction, after-school programs for children up to age 13, and care for children and teens with special needs.Department of Children and Families
P.O. Box 729 Trenton, NJ 08625-0729
1-800-332-9227CHILD CARE
Crisis Ministry of Princeton and TrentonThe Crisis Ministry is a non-sectarian and non-proselytizing organization with no political mission. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual identity, age, ethnicity, religious status, or national origin. The Crisis Ministry serves people from every Mercer County municipality. Our accessible sites serve neighbors in need through highly respected programs in Hunger Prevention, Housing Stability, Workforce Development, and, more recently, Driver’s License Restoration.Crisis Ministry of Princeton and Trenton Trenton- 123 East Hanover Street Trenton, NJ 086081-609-921-2135
NJ Family CareNJ FamilyCare is a federal and state funded health insurance program created to help New Jersey’s uninsured children and certain low-income parents and guardians to have affordable health coverage.NJ Family Care

PO Box 8367, Trenton, NJ 08650

New Jersey Energy AssistanceThe Home Energy Assistance Program helps very low-income residents with their heating and cooling bills, and makes provisions for emergency heating system services and emergency fuel assistance within the Home Energy Assistance Program.New Jersey Energy Assistance

Department of Community Affairs
PO Box 800
Trenton, NJ 08625-0800

1-866-240-1347NJ EAP
New Jersey Telephone Assistance ProgramsTelephone assistance is available to you if you are a qualified residential telephone customer. When you are seeking telephone assistance, please keep in mind that each telephone company and/or each program has different eligibility requirements, different benefits available and different restrictions.New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
44 S. Clinton Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08625
1-800-624-0241NJ PHONE
Job ServicesWith one search, this new tool accesses job opportunities in N.J. and within 50 miles of state borders from thousands of sources.New Jersey Dept of Labor and Workforce Development

26 Yard Ave Trenton, NJ 08609

1-609-292-0620NJ JOB
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